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In 2012, the Continuum Veterans Foundation was created to provide private financial support using the company's profits to organizations dedicated to helping our Veterans find jobs in the IT industry. In 2020, following Continuum's acquisition by ConnectWise, the Veterans Foundation was renamed the ConnectWise Foundation. The ConnectWise Foundation will expand as a public charity to support a wide range of philanthropic efforts through company profits and public donations. It will include Veteran-focused causes, as well as national crises such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more at ConnectWise.com/Philanthropy.

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The best communities are defined by a common cause, a degree of interdependence, and great trust. The strength of a community is most apparent, not when times are good, but rather in how its people pull together and respond to a disaster or tragedy befalling a fellow member. By standing together in support of peers, colleagues, and friends, we help them see the return of brighter days.

Veteran Voices
"Continuum truly appreciates the sacrifice our service members and their families make. Continuum serves our veterans in many obvious ways with job services, volunteerism, and others, but most importantly they support our military and veterans with an overwhelming attitude of thanks. Thanks for who you are and thanks for what you’ve done."
Dominic Carpini, Continuum
United States Army
"Continuum consistently leads by example, giving back to service members and their families through limitless exhibitions of generosity. As a veteran, I’m immersed by love and support of Continuum with all the appreciation shown. I am honored to be part of an organization that shows the level of hospitability and generosity to all those who have served and their families."
Chris Maguire, Continuum
United States Army
"Continuum is a great place to work and knowing that they support veterans makes it that much better. From volunteering to help send packages to our troops overseas, to fund raising events geared towards hiring veterans, Continuum is top notch! It is wonderful to be part of a team that supports fellow veterans!"
Kristi Strickler, Continuum
United States Air Force

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