Everyone loves music. Often times, popular songs will have a hidden message behind them that only the artist is truly aware of. Was Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” really about Uncle Joey from Full House? The world may never know. But we do know that, believe it or not, these ten songs contain hidden IT messages that haven’t been revealed to the world until right now.

Okay, not really… But there’s a chance, right?

10 - Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band’s popular album Crash was actually inspired by a tragic event where the band’s computer malfunctioned and months of hard work was lost. Dave and the gang were so distraught that they broke out the instruments and got to writing a song about the ordeal. Crash Into Me was Dave’s way of expressing how devastating the computer malfunction was to him and his band members. It took the band months to re-create the work they had lost due to the system failure.

As DMB learned the hard way, when a server goes down, it can cost your business (or band) time and money. Take some time to calculate the cost of downtime for your clients. Make sure they fully understand the repercussions of unprotected databases, emails, accounting data, and network services. 

If only Dave and the gang had a solid BDR solution in place, the song may have been titled Recovery

9 - Come Together - The Beatles

What many people don’t know is that The Beatles had visions of an integrated IT solutions platform long before the technology for such a thing was in place. Come Together was written about the idea of efficiently utilizing relevant technology to make things easier. 

Just as The Beatles predicted with the release of Come Together, MSPs far and wide are taking advantage of the seemingly infinite range of helpful technological advances. As technologies are converging and advancing, SMBs need more help than ever making them all work together. MSPs must focus on making things easier for clients and building a technology solution that’s tailored to their cleints’ needs. Run a full cost-benefit analysis on your business and become educated on where your money is going versus where it should be going.

The Beatles knew that things would be easier if all of the pieces to the IT puzzle could simply Come Together into an integrated system.


8 - Help! - The Beatles

The Beatles crack the list again with this cry for an IT solution titled, Help! Knowing that it wasn’t smart to attempt to solve all of their IT problems alone, The Beatles reached out for some assistance. Eventually, The Beatles found the help that they were looking for when their IT services provider partnered with a smart-sourced service desk. Having constant connection to IT professionals allowed the band to stop crying out for Help!, even though the song remained a top hit. 

Make sure to develop a unique service offering and be that somebody to your clients, not just anybody.


7 - Blame the Machines - Duran Duran


Duran Duran’s Blame the Machines was a ballad of frustration that resulted from the band not understanding the reasons behind computer issues they were constantly experiencing while on the road. Why didn’t they understand what was going on? They had nobody to explain it to them! It’s too bad too, a solution as simple a re-starting a wireless Internet router can take mere seconds to correct with the right instruction.

It can be easy to just blame the machines when you don’t understand what is going on inside of them. If only someone could have explained the technical issues to the members of the Duran Duran, they could have worked them out instead of simply placing the blame on the poor machines!


6 - Surfin' USA - Beach Boys


Despite the seemingly obvious references to riding waves, The Beach Boys were singing about their love of surfing the web in their hit song, Surfin’ USA. Thanks to the fact that the band’s MSP kept their bandwidth stable and connection strong, The Beach Boys were able to surf away without fear of losing connection.

On another note, most MSPs don’t always fully understand the importance of their web presence. A strong website can make all the difference. Don’t wipe out with a bad website, build one that generates wave after wave of leads!


5 - I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith


Aerosmith’s apparent love song, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing was actually an ode to their MSP. By using an integrated RMM and NOC platform, Aerosmith’s managed services provider never missed an alert, which inspired Steven Tyler and the gang to write this classic.

Aerosmith expected perfection from its IT service provider, and so do your clients. You’ll never miss a thing when you integrate your RMM solution with a NOC.


4 - I’m Free - Soup Dragons


Free time is something that everyone wants. The Soup Dragons figured out how much free time they could clear up when they hired an IT solutions provider. Not having to worry about technical issues gave the band more time to focus on doing what they do best. In fact, they decided to write a song about just how much free time they had due to the efficiency of their MSP.

Having free time doesn’t mean you have to write a song. Instead, invest your newfound time in areas that will grow your business. Allowing your employees some vacation time can build office morale, investing in your marketing or sales departments can increase clientele and revenue. 


3 - I Can’t Get No Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones



This hit song was written after The Rolling Stones placed a call to their IT service provider’s in-house help desk while trying to solve an issue with the band’s email. The gang was put on hold and eventually told they would receive a call back when there was less traffic. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction was originally named I Can’t Get No Customer Satisfaction and was written in the time that it took for The Rolling Stones to receive that call. A few weeks later, the band decided to drop the “Customer” as they couldn’t seem to make the lyrics fit the tune.

Customer satisfaction is a huge part of any MSPs success. If your clients are waiting on hold for long periods of time, they’re more willing to look elsewhere for IT help, which puts your business at risk for client churn. Not sure if your clients are satisfied? Offer them a survey to see how long it takes for your service desk to answer their call. 

We’re not sure how long it took the band to write I Can’t Get No (Customer) Satisfaction, but we are sure that a good average speed to answer (ASA) isn’t measured in songs written…


2 - Hard Knock Life - Jay Z




Perhaps the most shocking fun fact on this list is that before he was a famous musician, Jay Z worked
in a Network Operations Center. The NOC that Jay Z worked for was maintained in-house and had very little resources or manpower. Because of that, Shawn Carter (or Jay-Z as we know him) was forced to work long hours and was constantly dealing with small, menial tech issues. The experience was so frustrating that Jay Z decided to change his career path and become the superstar that you know him as today. 

However, he never forgot his NOC roots, which is what inspired him to take the Annie classic and make his own version.

Don’t let your technicians feel the way that Jay Z did. Outsourcing work to a NOC doesn’t mean eliminating your in-house techs, but rather re-assigning them to more important tasks that will make them feel valued.


 1 - Get Off of my Cloud - The Rolling Stones


Unbeknownst to many, The Rolling Stones were one of the first rock bands to utilize the cloud. One of the reasons that The Stones loved the cloud so much was for its accessibility. In fact, the the cloud saved The Rolling Stones from racking up travel costs when band members were in different locations. The Rolling Stones were easily able to share information across the country by using the cloud to store unreleased songs and lyrics (they were way before their time, weren’t they?).

They did get a little irked when they found out that The Beatles had attempted to hack their VPC to steal music. Playing it cool as usual, The Rolling Stones responded with this classic hit. 

Cloud computing has many benefits. Minimizing costs, easy access, and scalability are a few reasons that SMBs are making the move to the cloud. Positive revenue is important for any MSP business, and making the move to the cloud is one way to take a step in that direction. Owning, maintaining, and securing a technology infrastructure in house is costly and sometimes even impossible. The cloud offers a solution for SMBs who need to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Who would of thought that some of the most popular bands of all time were expressing their IT admiration and frustration lyrically? Next time you click on the radio, listen extra carefully for a secret reference to the wide world of IT. 

Is there a song that we missed? Let us know in comments below!

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