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16 Sweet Stats Every MSP Should Know About the Cloud

Posted March 25, 2014by Nate Teplow

We’re in the midst of March Madness and hopefully your bracket is looking better than mine at this point (thank you Dayton and Mercer). Sticking to the “madness” theme, we thought we’d do a series of posts as the tourney goes on. As we approach the Sweet 16, we wanted to start our series off with 16 Sweet stats every MSP should know about the cloud. After all, using data effectively to properly position your portfolio is one surefire way to prove that you’re a top-seeded team.

Which of these stats surprise you the most?

  1. An increase in the use of cloud services ranging from 22% to 58% is predicted over the next 3 years, depending on the industry. [source]
  2. 60% of companies report that seeing improved performance in a specific area is the biggest benefit of cloud-based services. [source]
  3. 82% of businesses reported savings upon moving to the cloud. [source]
  4. Companies are on target to spend over $131 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services by the end of 2014. [source]
  5. By 2015, this total is projected to top $180 billion. [source]
  6. 2014 is the first year that cloud computing workloads have outnumbered computing in the traditional IT space. [source]
  7. By 2017, global cloud traffic will more than quadruple. [source]
  8. By 2018, the global market for cloud equipment should reach $79.1 billion. [source]
  9. 14% of organizations report being able to downsize their IT departments after adopting cloud-based services. [source]
  10. 80% of those who migrate to cloud-based services report significant improvements over the first 6 months. [source]
  11. North American businesses currently account for 59% of all new spending on cloud computing. [source]
  12. 51% of businesses plan to incorporate cloud storage into their data backup strategy, which is the top planned change among backup strategies. [source]
  13. The cloud currently stores approximately 1 exabyte (1,073,741,824 GB) of data. [source]
  14. Over 60% of organizations are currently using cloud-based services. [source]
  15. The average company uses 545 different cloud services. [source]
  16. Over the next 5 years, cloud-based computing is predicted to increase by 44%. On-premise solutions are only expected to see 9% growth. [source]

Any MSP knows that building a solid business relationship is more than a matter of numbers, but let’s face it: the scoreboard doesn’t lie. Businesses are clearly moving to the cloud and they will rely on MSPs to get them there. Hopefully you find these stats useful, because playing to the numbers is what lands you a ticket to the Big Dance.

Stay tuned for our next March Madness post “8 ways to Become an Elite MSP”.

Which of these stats did you find the most interesting?

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