In the early 2000s, cloud architecture and the advent of cloud-supported technology poised IT service providers to expect a major disruption in both their service delivery and business models. That didn’t happen; cloud-based technology integrated into the channel comfortably, supporting and strengthening IT business objectives and evolving the role of the managed IT service provider.

Cyber security is not a parallel concept, however, and is a true disruptor to the IT industry. It is no longer something that needs to be forecasted. The disruption has been ongoing for some time now, and will continue for some time in the future. That is why 2018 was the dubbed the year of security, just as 2019 will also be the year of security, and 2020, and 2021, etc.


The Status Quo Cannot Hold

At least one point should be crystal clear by now—if you are not offering a robust and advanced cyber security solution, you are at risk of losing existing business and losing out on new business. More than sixty percent of small- and medium-sized businesses suffer from cyber attacks every year, and that volume is only increasing. Concurrently, the complexity and damages resulting from these attacks are also on the rise, too. This leads to three disruptive realizations that SMBs and MSPs must fast, immediately:

  • It has never been more difficult to effectively protect SMBs from cyber attacks.
  • Assessing acceptable risk and vulnerability is even more precarious, as attacks continue to increase in complexity and strength.
  • MSPs will find it increasingly difficult to maintain as effective of a security posture as enterprise-level solutions, due to the expensive and brutally sparse skills gap in the industry.

The MSP status-quo cannot hold; a successful cyber attack that is carried out because an MSP failed to protect their client due to an inadequate security solution will be disastrous for the MSP—financially, reputationally and perhaps even legally. Therefore, in 2019, every MSP should be focused on evolving their organization to leverage powerful and advanced cyber security solutions throughout their entire business.

Your Cyber Security Plan for 2019

This is where Continuum can help. Continuum Security offers a comprehensive cyber security solution with effective tools, multiple configuration options, additional add-ons, and more so MSPs can tackle the security concerns for clients of any size or type. From assessment and reporting options, to protection and remediation, to advanced SIEM and SOC services, Continuum Security enables MSPs to create strong and profitable packages that can assure clients that they are protected from cyber threats as effectively as possible.

In addition to this new security solution, there are a few other important tactics MSPs should begin to employ immediately.

Become a Trusted Security Expert and Advisor to Your Clients

As you start to leverage your new security solution, technology will not be enough to establish your business as a cyber security resource. Just as with previous technologies, it’s important to position yourself as a resource for clear, accurate and timely information your clients need to know about cyber security. This can come in the form of email newsletters, blogs, routine visits and calls, and speaking engagements in your local area. Your perspective matters on these issues, and in short time, you can become the go-to resource for how to protect local businesses from cyber attacks—and who to call if immediate services are needed.

Define and Plan Your Go-To-Market-Strategy for Security

Offering an entirely new category of technology and services isn’t done overnight, and to make the most impact and successfully sell and deploy your services to clients, you need a well thought out plan for going to market. Luckily, we have a resource you can use to bring this concept to reality for yourself. The Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan contains everything you need to consider and take action upon as you plan your entry into the cyber security space, with targeted insight on each step you need to take to successfully offer this new solution, including how to align your organization, pricing and packaging considerations, and sales and marketing strategies. 

To download the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan and prepare for 2019, click here.

Demo Continuum Security

It’s one thing to read about a security solution; it’s another to see it for yourself. Be sure to demo Continuum Security as soon as you can to see all of the ways this advanced cyber security solution can transform your MSP business, drive new revenue and protect your clients in an ever-challenging threat landscape.

To demo Continuum Security, click here

2019 is approaching fast, and there is no shortage of new cyber attacks in the news, even around the holidays. Start making plans now for your security strategy, because the coming year is sure to be one of the most pivotal and disruptive that this industry has ever seen.

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