They say that numbers speak louder than words, so here are a few numbers we think shout volumes. We think it’s pretty clear that the need for managed IT services isn’t going anywhere. Check out these stats and let us know what your predictions are for the MSP industry. 

Stats on Cloud-Based Managed IT Services

1. By the end of 2014, businesses in the United States will spend over $13 billion on cloud computing and managed IT services. Tweet This Stat!  - [source]


2. By 2015, the estimate for end-user spending on cloud services is predicted at over $180 billion. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


3. 59% of all new spending on cloud computing services comes from businesses that are located in North America. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


4. The global market for cloud equipment is predicted to reach $79.1 billion by 2018. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


5. 60% of businesses say that the biggest benefit of participating in a cloud-based business network is the enhanced performance they see in specific areas, such as streamlined payroll operations, more accurate supply chain data, etc. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


6. 82% of companies say that moving to the cloud has saved them money. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


7. Companies across a variety of industries predict an increase in the use of cloud services over the next 3 years (ranging from 22% for marketing firms up to 58% for HR). Tweet This Stat! - [source]


8. 51% of companies plan to make changes to their backup strategy, with “cloud storage” listed as the most commonly named change. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


9. On average, organizations use 545 different cloud services. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


10. Cloud-based workloads are predicted to see a 44% increase in annual growth over the next 5 years, while on-premise computing is only expected to see around 9% growth. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


11. More than 60% of businesses use cloud-based services for at least some of their IT needs. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


12. After adopting cloud-based services, 14% of companies say they were able to downsize their IT departments. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


13. 80% of cloud adopters reported noticeable improvements within the first 6 months. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


14. Currently, it’s estimated that the cloud stores approximately 1 exabyte of data. That’s  1,073,741,824 GB. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


15. Global data center traffic is predicted to triple by 2017, while global cloud traffic will more than quadruple in the same timeframe. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


16. 2014 represents the first year that the majority of computing workloads take place in the cloud (51%) versus in the traditional IT space (49%). Tweet This Stat! - [source]

Stats on IT Careers

17. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the unemployment rate for tech professionals at just 3.5% by the last quarter of 2013. That’s half the current national average unemployment rate. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


18. The greatest number of employment opportunities lie in tech consulting, which added 14,000 new positions in the last quarter of 2013 alone, and over 54,000 jobs total in 2013 for a total of 1.7 million technical consultant positions in the United States currently. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


19. Fewer than 2% of network architects are unemployed. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


20. 1.7 million cloud-related IT jobs went unfilled last year. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


21. Available cloud positions are estimated to show an increase of 26% per year, and are projected to reach 7 million by 2015. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


22. Layoffs and firings within the tech segment are at a record low for the last quarter of 2013. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


23. IT staffing firms showed a 15% increase in revenue growth in 2013, and other staffing firms report that IT remains their strongest performing professional segment. Tweet This Stat! - [source]


24. More than 1 in 3 CIOs say they plan to hire new IT grads in 2014. Tweet This Stat!

Stats on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

25. 59% of businesses say they store backups in only one location. Tweet This Stat! 


26. 75% of businesses reported that their backup data volume increased from the previous year. Tweet This Stat! 


27. 52% of businesses experience multiple backup failures every year. Tweet This Stat! 


28. 63% of businesses measure their estimated recovery time in days rather than hours, with 29% reporting that a full return to operations would take 4 days or more. Tweet This Stat! 


29. 20% of cloud storage users are able to recover from a site disaster in 4 hours or less. Only 9% of non-cloud storage users can say the same. Tweet This Stat!