Can I ask you a question? Are there any questions that drive you crazy as an MSP? You know the kind. They’re unnecessary, repetitive, or astonishingly misguided. Rapid change is constant in the IT industry, so your clients may not always be up-to-speed, leaving you to answer a million and one questions. We wanted to find out which ones you are sick of answering so we gathered intel from your fellow MSPs and technicians through online communities like Reddit and Spiceworks. We’re now revealing the most irksome end user questions out there. How many times can you say you’ve been on the receiving end of one of these?... 

Oh, I'm just no good when it comes to computers.

"I will never understand how a senior technical person who can map a human genome, build the world's tallest skyscraper, work finances like a magician, figure out how to solve ludicrously complex strategic problems cannot follow how to send an attachment by email."

OK so this isn’t a question, but a common trend in a lot of the answers we received was how little faith end users have in their technological abilities. Many of them shut down when it comes to technology, and you're on the receiving end. What comes second nature to you can be daunting for them, and many don't think it's necessary to learn when they have you for all of their IT needs. You're limited with your time and resources so what then do you do? Provide basic level user education through blog posts, webinars or a series of trainings. Offering this added value to your end user signals to customers that you understand their daily pain points and are there to help them. This will only serve to strengthen your relationships and open up opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell. You'll also be covering your bases because the more knowledgeable they are of Internet best practices, the more cautious they'll be in their online activities and thus, the safer their data will be. Through time and education, your clients will learn not to come to you with every little question or the dreaded "Oh, I'm just no good when it comes to computers" excuse.

Here's another example of how lost the end user can be when it comes to computers. How are you addressing their learning needs?MSP-end-user-doesn't-understand-how-computers-work

What's my password? I forget.

As I mentioned before, I'm sure these questions get repetitive. Some of you have found a solution to the most commonly asked questions by having documentation ready to send with step-by-step instructions. This is a huge time saver and is worth putting together for your end users. They will most likely forget they have it, but you can of course just send it their way again! No one likes to deal with password-related questions. They are the worst! Although the responses we collected are hilarious, routinely wasting time on low-value tasks like these is certainly no laughing matter. A good practice is to send an email reminder every 6 months to your client base, reminding them of how and where they can secure their passwords. It's an easy way to simultaneously check in with your clients and help their business stay efficient.


Did I get infected with a virus?

I think it's safe to say that every time anything goes wrong the end user thinks it's a virus. Of course that can't always be true and hopefully it isn't! Most of the time it has very little to do with a virus, but it's funny how the end user jumps to this conclusion automatically. On the bright side, you get to be the hero when you break the news that a contact not receiving an invoice email doesn't necessarily mean a hacker intercepted it, for instance. It's good that they're aware of cybercrime, which is not always the case, but this general ignorance of how it manifests itself presents an opportunity to again educate your end users about viruses and the unsafe habits that trigger them. Take email phishing schemes for example. Do your clients know how they work? In the end, you want end users to be alert, not paranoid. When they don't fully understand the threat landscape, but fear the financial consequences it entails, they panic. Be their security blanket.

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It can be tough to be so ahead of the tech learning curve, but fully manged solutions can be your 24/7 shield against end users who send absurd amounts of IT requests a day. Devote your time to growing your business and have your techs focus on projects that will impact your bottom-line. 

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