Finding a replacement BDR solution can be a long and costly process; just ask anyone who’s had to go through it. For Zenith clients who are currently in various stages of BDR limbo and/or transition, there are four big obstacles that stand in the way of finding an effective replacement.

1. There’s a Lot of Homework Involved

MSPs need to spend a lot of time re-evaluating what their clients’ needs are, planning the best strategy to help with data backup and business continuity, finding a suitable replacement solution and then making a recommendation to the business owner. None of this work is billable time, which means you’re losing money throughout the process. Whether in terms of actual finances or lost time for your senior techs, this is a sacrifice not every MSP can afford to make.

2. There’s a Lot of Hassle Involved Too

Even when a suitable replacement BDR is found, a technician typically has to go on-site in order to replace the BDR solution and bring the new one online. Testing the new solution is also required to make sure your BDR system can perform if disaster does strike.  How can you minimize the time needed to replace the old solution?

3. Too Many BDR Solutions Require “Their” Hardware

Typically, a new hardware appliance is needed for whichever new BDR you choose—hardware that may or may not be billable to the client. Even if you can charge the client for the hardware, chances are that you can’t cover the cost of implementing the new solution.

4. Recommending Changes Is Awkward

When you initially sold your current clients on their existing BDR solution, you probably talked it up as a reliable, trustworthy option. Now you have to go back and have an uncomfortable conversation that explains why your recommendation has to be replaced with something else. This leads clients to wonder if your other recommendations could be off-base as well, potentially jeopardizing your position as a trusted advisor.

How Continuum Helps

Continuum has a solution that resolves all of these issues: our BDR Replacement Program.

  • BDR Revive upgrades existing hardware to a complete business continuity solution, simply by using a plug-n-play USB stick.
  • Our re-imaging process typically takes 30 minutes or less, minimizing technician time to perform the conversion.
  • Continuum’s NOC is available for any of your conversion questions or concerns 24 x 7.

Continuum offers the last BDR solution you’ll ever need, and our Revive migration tool helps you get there with zero headaches and at a much lower cost than doing all the legwork on your own.