At a growing MSP, engaging prospects is the fuel that will drive your business forward. But, this window of opportunity is narrow as a certain level of preparation and presentation is required to get it right. Prospects are just getting to know you—which gives you the chance to show them what your business is all about, how they’ll benefit from working with you, and that they can trust you. You’re asking them to put their business operation in your hands, after all. So, expect that they will have questions.

To prepare you for these sales conversations, we’ve collected the four most common questions prospects pose to their potential IT service provider, along with the answers that will best position you to sell. A little upfront prep can make a tremendous impression, so use these talking points to put your best foot forward and improve your sales close rates.

1. What Services or Support Do You Provide?

This is a fair question—what general services do you offer and what can you do for the client? But, this doesn’t have to remain surface level. What they’re really asking is: How will your services make my life easier? Why should I work with you over another MSP?

For example, you could say that you offer BDR, but you’d be saying a lot more if, instead, you told prospects that you offer true business continuity. Lead with the benefits your services provide rather than simply stating product lines and features. Are you giving them a cyber security solution, or are you enabling them to close their security gaps in real time? Think about what it is that you’re truly offering and bring that into the spotlight.

2. Do You Have Experience Working Within Our Industry and/or With Similar-Sized Companies?

If the answer to this question is yes, you can best speak to your specialized experience in a particular vertical through success stories. You’d heard the value of “show versus tell” time and time again, but giving concrete examples will validate your experience and demonstrate how exactly you’ll deliver on your value proposition.

A well-constructed case study serves as social proof and will allow you to showcase your value in a relevant way that effectively resonates with your prospects.

3. What Are Your Service Standards?

This is your chance to clearly spell out your service standards and set proper expectations upfront with a well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). In addition, you can take this as an opportunity to place emphasis on your service delivery and illustrate what that relationship with the client would look like. If the prospect knows exactly what to expect of your managed IT services, it’ll be that much easier to convert into a sales-ready opportunity.

4. Are There Any Technology Requirements to Your Services?

It should be easy for your potential customer to decipher how simple it is to get set up with your services. Let them know which technology integrations you have and why you have them—essentially, what they do for your services and why they will save the client time and money. Once you’re able to convey that you’re an efficient operation, the prospect will grow comfortable with the idea of your business and partnership.

Being prepared to answer these four key questions will put you at a definite advantage. Your sales presentation will not only be buttoned-up, but it will help you prove who you are as an MSP—an MSP who understands what your customers need and can communicate that effectively.


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