img-blog-reasons-outsource-serviceFor managed services providers (MSPs) or other IT resellers, a help desk that can answer phone calls, known as a help desk , is a vital MSP product that is crucial to sales and customer retention.  How help desk calls are handled and resolved can go a long way towards convincing a client that your business is providing a highly valued service.


End users are demanding more from IT support; accessibility  on multiple platforms, quick responses to just about any issue, and availability any time of the day or night.

However, a common obstacle to hosting a help desk in-house is the cost of manpower required to field calls, talk through remediation process, log tickets and have techs available for long hours. Help desks can be a drain on capacity and focus; technicians’ time is usually better spent completing complex tasks and selling services to new and existing customers.

Four reasons to outsource:

  1. Lower Costs: Third-party support desk services provide significant economies of scale, with industry estimates putting the average annual savings between 20% and 45% vs. maintaining an in-house operation.

  2. Premium Service: A new product MSPs can upsell to current clients and pitch to higher-test prospects.

  3. More Availability: Support services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, around the globe.

  4. Better Support: Outsourced support services use standardized processes, providing clients with a single point of contact across multiple platforms – telephone, web, chat, e-mail, SMS – and across multiple issues – troubleshooting, hardware support, software questions, ID administration, remote access, etc – in ways that would be difficult for an MSP to do in-house.

Help desk support is becoming a highly valued standard in the industry, but the costs and expectations continue to rise.  There is a strong case to be made that your bottom line; your technicians, and your clients would be better served by an outsourced help desk. 

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