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4 Reasons To Outsource Your Help Desk

Posted October 2, 2013by Jacque Rowden

img-blog-reasons-outsource-serviceFor managed services providers (MSPs) or other IT resellers, a help desk that can answer phone calls, known as a help desk , is a vital MSP product that is crucial to sales and customer retention.  How help desk calls are handled and resolved can go a long way towards convincing a client that your business is providing a highly valued service.


End users are demanding more from IT support; accessibility  on multiple platforms, quick responses to just about any issue, and availability any time of the day or night.

However, a common obstacle to hosting a help desk in-house is the cost of manpower required to field calls, talk through remediation process, log tickets and have techs available for long hours. Help desks can be a drain on capacity and focus; technicians’ time is usually better spent completing complex tasks and selling services to new and existing customers.

Four reasons to outsource:

  1. Lower Costs: Third-party support desk services provide significant economies of scale, with industry estimates putting the average annual savings between 20% and 45% vs. maintaining an in-house operation.

  2. Premium Service: A new product MSPs can upsell to current clients and pitch to higher-test prospects.

  3. More Availability: Support services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, around the globe.

  4. Better Support: Outsourced support services use standardized processes, providing clients with a single point of contact across multiple platforms – telephone, web, chat, e-mail, SMS – and across multiple issues – troubleshooting, hardware support, software questions, ID administration, remote access, etc – in ways that would be difficult for an MSP to do in-house.

Help desk support is becoming a highly valued standard in the industry, but the costs and expectations continue to rise.  There is a strong case to be made that your bottom line; your technicians, and your clients would be better served by an outsourced help desk. 

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Jacque Rowden is Continuum's Help Desk Senior Director. The Help Desk supports more than 20,000 MSP clients. She has been managing global IT support teams for more than 20 years. In 2008, her Help Desk was one of two finalists for ICMI's "Best Small Contact Center in the World." She is a regular speaker at user group meetings and industry conferences on topics including Agile Service Management and Service Desk Careers.

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