4 Simple Ways to Show Clients You Are Thankful for Them

While acquiring new business is always important, maintaining your existing business should be a focal point as well. With the everyday grind of running your MSP business, it’s easy to forget to tell your clients how you appreciate their partnership. So, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re providing you with four simple ways to show clients you're thankful for them and make them feel valued and important to your business.

1. Send a Thank You Email

Taking the time to communicate with your clients, even when it isn’t centered around an opportunity, can go a long way. It's important to let your customers know that you appreciate their business and that they are a priority to you. Sending a quick, personal note via email can not only keep your clients happy, it can build a stronger bond and help eliminate churn.

The email doesn’t have to be anything lengthy or formal. Simply saying, “Hey, we’re thankful for you and appreciate you as our client. By the way, are there any issues you’re having that I can work on for you?” Worst case is they might mention something, but you’ll be able to address it head on. Either way, you’ll make your client feel like you’re readily available and are truly their business partner.

2. Pick Up the Phone

On a similar note, you can show your clients what they mean to you by picking up the phone and giving them a quick call. Again, this can be very informal—wishing them a happy Thanksgiving or holidays, and thanking them for being a valued customer. 

If you’re up for a deeper conversation, ask them questions—even if you already know the answer. If you recently did an implementation for them, for example, ask how their systems are performing. Or, if they had an issue that needed fixing, ask how satisfied they were with the process. A quick call will make them feel that you care about them, and it also provides an opportunity to check in and have them offer some helpful feedback.

3. Deliver a Gift

Occasional gifts are always nice. You don’t have to shower them with presents, but having a bottle of wine, gift basket, or company t-shirt delivered to their office is a kind gesture. Even an Amazon gift card is a practical token of appreciation.

Or, you can even deliver the gift in person. Find a time to drop by with a pizza, bagels, or a box of coffee to personally pass along your thanks. It’s never a bad idea to get in the habit of spending regular time with your clients—and they’ll certainly appreciate any goodies you bring along with you.

4. Extend an Invitation

If you have clients that are nearby, invite them to your office for a “Lunch and Learn” or “Technology Breakfast.” This can provide an opportunity for clients to not only see your office and operations, but also learn something new that you could offer and will positively impact their productivity. Playing the role of host can help strengthen the relationship and allow clients to see you as a go-to, credible source for technology advice—all without having to “sell” them on your services.

Your clients should know that you care about them and are thankful for their business. And at the end of the day, this extra effort and occasional interaction can go a long way for building trusting and sticky business relationships.


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