Even the best, strongest and most comprehensively written service level agreement (SLA) should be updated on occasion. Knowing when to make changes, and when not to, is an important aspect of managing client relationships and the future of your MSP business.

Here are four quick tips on knowing when to (and when not to) modify:


  1. DO revise your SLA any time you add a new service or stop offering an existing one.
  1. DO revise your SLA any time your capabilities change – if new technology or a new hire enables you to provide significantly faster response times, your SLA should reflect that.
  1. DO review your SLA every 18 to 24 months, even if your services and capabilities haven’t changed significantly, to cut down on out-of-date or inaccurate content.
  1. DON’T revise your SLA because a prospective client has asked you to.  Your SLA is a direct reflection of your operational processes, and customizing these on a customer-by-customer basis is impractical and inefficient.

Finally, make sure the language in your SLA contract is clear and free of ambiguity.  Having a friend or family member read over it occasionally is always helpful, as is collecting feedback from one or more managed service peers.  Good luck!


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