5 Blog Topics MSPs Should Be Writing About in 2019

Blogging has become a core component of any business’ marketing strategy. And, with the ability to reach thousands of readers, establish authority in the market, and cost-effectively drive leads, blogging can have many benefits for your MSP business. But where most MSPs find themselves stuck is, “which topics should I be blogging about that will attract the right clients?”

We’ve reached a time of year where many are looking ahead for 2019 predictions and trends—and the IT industry is no exception. Keep reading to discover which five topics we suspect MSPs will see more of in 2019 and how you can leverage them to demonstrate your authority in blogs and other marketing efforts.

The Dark Web

Typically seen as the underbelly of the Internet, the dark web is thought of as a hotbed for criminal activity—and it is. If your client were to suffer a data breach, for example, the information that was stolen would likely end up for sale on the dark web. This exchange of information—which can include credit card details, personal information, or even confidential corporate data—is becoming a lucrative opportunity for cyber criminals. Unfortunately, your clients and prospects are prone to be the target.

Blogging about the dark web provides the opportunity to teach businesses and potential clients about the dangers that lurk on the dark web and how to protect against it. For example, dark web monitoring provides insight into what goes on within the dark web, and some services allow you to get alerted if there is any information being exchanged or discussed that relates directly to your clients.

As people continue to search and learn more about the dark web, including this keyword in your blog posts will help potential clients find you and look into your services.

Example Blog Post Ideas:
  • Should Businesses Be Afraid of the Dark (Web)?
  • X Ways You Can Stay Protected Against the Dark Web
  • Dark Web Monitoring: X Benefits for Your Small Business


While there may be a wide range of opinions on it, blockchain is something to keep an eye on. Blockchain has been tied to cryptocurrencies for a long time, but I suspect more applications of the technology will develop. According to research firm IDC, spending on blockchain solutions is forecast to reach $11.7 billion in the next four years. 

MSPs may see blockchain flood into the industries they’re servicing, such as manufacturing or retail. Therefore, it’s worth talking about blockchain in your near-future blog posts because you may be able to get ahead of the SEO opportunity, and in the process, teach businesses about how their processes could be improved with blockchain and why they might need to outsource building a blockchain application.

Example Blog Post Ideas:
  • What is Blockchain and Why Should It Matter to Your Business?
  • How is Blockchain Changing IT and the Business Landscape?

5G Security

In the years to come, we’ll see 5G able to support the recent explosion of data, intelligent applications, and interconnectivity of devices. However, this will come with some risks. 

To realize a strong and healthy future of communications—both personal and professional—the industry will need to maintain a laser focus on 5G security. And, as the world prepares for the commercial debut of 5G networks, many potential clients will become curious about the security threats that the new standard will face. 

5G provides MSPs with a unique opportunity to talk about securing devices and their data with mobile device management (MDM). In blog posts, you can speak to how businesses can rely on MDM for 5G security by enforcing security policies, protecting against malicious threats, and restricting unauthorized access to devices and the networks they’re connected to. Again, as the world searches to learn more about 5G security, you can remain one step ahead by incorporating this topic into your blog calendar in 2019. 

Example Blog Post Ideas:
  • How to Define a Security Strategy for 5G Devices
  • 5G Security: What Threats Loom Out There for Businesses? 

Machine Learning and AI

Data is crucial to informing decisions and business strategy, and therefore, we may see a shift in how data will be analyzed in the future. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) might now be seen as an enterprise technology, but it can also benefit smaller businesses and your potential clients.

Machine learning and AI can analyze data to help businesses better understand end-customer behaviors and anticipate trends. And, if your potential clients generate a significant amount of data, they’re likely to look into machine learning tools that could improve their agility and responsiveness.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are great keywords to target in your blog posts. There are two potential paths you could go about it: first, you could appeal to those businesses who are searching for machine learning tools and describe how you can help manage them; second, you could explain how your business leverages machine learning to set your services apart.

Example Blog Post Ideas:
  • How to Leverage Machine Learning for Better Data Analysis
  • Is AI the Future of IT?

Multi-Cloud Environments

The cloud has been around for a while now, but what’s new here is how cloud adoption is evolving in businesses. Many are finding that going all public or all private isn’t the best option—there’s a mix involved. As these cloud needs continue to change, connected cloud capabilities could offer the flexibility organizations are looking for.

Mixed- and multi-cloud workloads will be a big topic in 2019, and one that you should be addressing in your blog posts and marketing efforts. The emphasis here should be that whether public, private, hybrid, or on-premise, leveraging these environments should be seamless, secure, and streamlined.

Example Blog Post Ideas:
  • Public, Private, or Hybrid: Which Cloud Environment is Best for Small Businesses?
  • How to Manage the Move to Multi-Cloud

Need another example of how to speak to clients about the cloud? Check out our latest video!

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