5 Minute VIDEO: How to Implement a Marketing System

Founder of the Technology Marketing Toolkit, Robin Robins is the premiere 
marketing consultant, sales trainer, and author over 7000 growth-driven MSPs, VARs and Solution Providers have worked with to implement scalable and profitable marketing programs for their companies. Why do they all turn to her? She's an IT veteran with fifteen years of experience working in the industry!

If you're a partner that's attending our sold-out user conference, Navigate 2015, you'll get the chance to hear Robin speak live! If you can't join us in Vegas this year, but are unable to launch your marketing strategy, still tune in! Robin provides a high-level overview of how to implement a system with real business results. 

When we last left Robin in our video series, she explained why many MSPs struggle to market their businesses, sharing the two mindsets of IT business owners.

Our Navigate 2015 keynote speaker then dove into how to get your prospects to buy from you by introducing the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and outlining the elements of a strong USP that lead to higher close rates. Robin actually held a whole workshop on this at her last quarterly Producer's Club meeting. If you subscribe to our blog, you may have read my recap, Why Should They Buy from You? What Robin Robins Taught Me about Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).

If not, you can watch this short video lesson to catch up before today's feature piece. 

Alright, so now you understand what may be keeping you from starting or growing your marketing program and how to apply market insight to your USP to identify your target market and develop your selling strategy.

What next? With this knowledge, what is the one thing you should do to bring in more clients? Well, it's not that simple. Robin discusses further in her video walk through below:


Key Takeaways 

OK, so MSP marketing can't be mastered in a day, and this video barely scratches the surface of how to grow your go-to-market strategy, but here are some key points:

  • Make sure your website converts.
  • Implement regular cross-sell campaigns to existing clients.
  • Have at least one "stay-in-touch" marketing system.
  • Implement an effective referral marketing system.
  • Make sure you have a rock-solid sales process (70-75% close rate on proposals).
  • After that, it's very situation dependent.

What Robin Will Cover in Her Navigate 2015 Keynote:

If you've enjoyed our special video series with Robin Robins AND you're a Continuum partner attending our sold-out user conference, Navigate 2015, in just forty days, you'll find Robin's keynote to be an immense value add! As mentioned in the video above, she'll be reviewing:

  • How to attract clients who are more likely to trust you, buy from you AND be great customers without having to do a lot of "convincing" or hard selling.
  • How to get paid what you're worth, working with clients who actually appreciate you.
  • How to massively differentiate your company from the competition in a relevant and truthful way. 
  • How to craft a sales process that is so helpful, people will thank you for it even if they don't initially buy. 

See you in Vegas!

Robin recently joined us for the following webinar:

Webinar How To Use BDR Solutions To Attract High-Quality Clients, Boost Sales And Add Profitable Recurring Revenue Streams


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