5 Strategies for Growing Your MSP Business Through LinkedIn

While most people may look to LinkedIn for job opportunities, references and networking, it also serves as a great platform to grow your MSP business. Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, find new clients and promote your business.

Let’s explore five ways LinkedIn can help you grow your business, from building your brand to expanding your prospect list and everything in between!

1. Expand Your Network

First off, leveraging LinkedIn allows you to expand your own network. This might sound obvious, but your clients, prospects, employees and industry partners are all involved in LinkedIn in some capacity. By connecting with these people, sharing your content, joining groups and adding your own commentary to different events that are going on in the industry, you can expand your presence.

2. Increase Brand Visibility

Additionally, you increase your brand visibility as you build your own network and become more active on LinkedIn. Like most other business tactics, the more involved you are, the more effective and quicker the results. So, by having conversations, connecting with people, helping solve their challenges and providing best practices, you can really expand your digital footprint.

To best take advantage of LinkedIn's ability to promote your MSP business, you can do any of the following:

  • Join and post in groups related to your business and your interests.
  • Actively participate in discussions to establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Answer questions or provide relevant content to become a resource that people trust.
  • Publish thoughtful posts on a regular basis or share blog posts and company updates.
  • Create a page for your company, complete with your website, to showcase your expertise and drive more business.

Of course, you’ll want to avoid talking about your business too much or coming across as spam. The goal is to get more eyes on your business. When you’re actively posting, solving problems and participating, people will have a more positive association with you and your business. Consequently, this will cause those folks to think about your business when they’re ready to make and IT purchase or looking for better IT support.

3. Grow Your Prospect List

This is one that’s not so obvious and a little underneath the surface, but you can actually grow your prospect database with LinkedIn. Consider your own connections—whether it be with customers, friends, colleagues or industry partners. If you pan out from there, you’ll find that you have first, second and even third degrees of opportunities to engage with other people. Find someone who is connected with the CEO or the decision maker at a particular prospect organization, and then reach out to see if you can get an introduction.

You can also use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to do more targeted, geographical-based searches. Filter results by industry, demographic, company size, position and much more to find businesses that may be relevant matches for your offerings. With this new digital prospecting mindset, you’ll be able to find some businesses in your local area and market that may be a good fit for your IT services. Then, you can utilize your own connections to find introductions to those businesses and start growing your prospect list.

4. Learn from Your Audience

You can also learn a lot from your target audience just by using and browsing LinkedIn. This ties back to joining groups, seeing what conversations are already happening or what problems keep popping up, and then transforming yourself into the solution for all those issues. Make sure you understand and speak the language that people are using while they’re looking to get answers to the problems that they’re having. Then, you can post the answers to those problems on LinkedIn in a way that resonates with them.

Ideally, you want to act as a solution provider. This involves sharing good content, writing original posts and conversing with groups or connections. You can even find some support-related communities where people are saying, “hey, I’m having trouble with this” or “I need help doing this more efficiently” and be the answer to those questions. They can learn from you, you can learn from them, and basically you have this nice information exchange that is going to keep you top of mind and help you with each of the above points.

5. Outbound Recruiting

Finding the right talent is one of the biggest challenges that MSPs face, and this can have a direct impact on business success and growth. LinkedIn has opened the door to connect job seekers directly with employers, but if you’re not using it to recruit, you could be falling behind.

Using the advanced search tools available on LinkedIn, you can search through job titles for the positions you are looking to fill. Surprisingly, one of the best places to start with is to look at the staff of competing companies or ones that are relevant to your industry. From there, you can initiate conversions and open up dialogue with dozens of target prospects and drastically improve the quantity and quality of your talent pipeline.

LinkedIn is a very big, vast network and there is a lot you can do with it. When used correctly, it can be a key driver of business in a way where other social media platforms fall short. Just remember; be engaging, participate in the dialogue, provide helpful solutions, and use these five strategies to be successful and grow your business through LinkedIn.

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