Most organizations start to get nervous as they enter the last quarter of the year. Are they where they expected to be based upon their strategic plan? Are they ahead or behind last year’s numbers? Is it too late to make an impact? The reality is that it’s never too late to make an impact. It might take some creative thinking, but it can be done!

When evaluating options, you need to take a step back and identify where you can find some short-term wins. This will take some creative thinking. Can you offer pieces of your overall services in bite-sized chunks? Where and how can you demonstrate value with limited risk to your current customers and prospects?

The goal is to take an outside-in approach to growing business. Speak with your sales team, or, if you don’t have a sales team, talk to your current partners. What questions have they asked in the past? What requests have they made about your services? Look within your organization for new ideas, concepts and strategies. Involve the entire team – you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Here are 7 actionable ideas to increase sales and execute immediately:

For Customers:

  1. Shift your sales focus from attracting brand new customers to enticing your proven customers to buy again. The best sales prospect is a prospect that's already converted - in other words, one of your current customers.

  2. Referrals, referrals, referrals… Set up an incentive plan for everyone in your company. The best way to grow is based upon referrals. Identify each touch point from inside your company (techs, sales, service) to your customers and develop an incentive program that rewards your employees. Make it fun and impactful!

  3. Assess your customers - Can you review your customer relationships and determine areas where customers only took a “smaller chunk” of your services. It could be an immediate upsell!
  4. Scale across the board - Is there an opportunity to sell one more “agent” to each of your customers?

  5. Customer audits – one of the best ways to get in front of your clients is to execute a yearly review. This provides you with a stage to review the last year, provide an opportunity to discuss your client’s business plan and review “new” opportunities for you to discuss alternate product ideas – such as the cloud.

For Prospects:

  1. Review all of your proposals for the last year. Why didn’t they close? Develop a strategy to go back to those accounts. Can you break those proposals into lost opportunity buckets and develop strategies on how to reengage? Was it timing, price, service offering or lack of perceived value? Don’t look desperate but present a solution that’s enticing to the end prospect. How can you present a solution that “appears” less risky to the prospect. NEVER sell… Portray yourself as the advisor that is looking out for their business.

  2. Develop your success stories! What have you done for some of your clients this year and can you quantify the results? Stories are THE best way to present your value. You’re not selling, you’re educating.

The reality is that there is always revenue to be found. Break down the above strategies into smaller pieces that can be easily defined, executed and measured and you’ll realize additional revenue. Don’t let the old way stand in your way. Be creative!

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