An alarming percentage of healthcare executives reported having been victims of a data breach. There is an opportunity for MSPs in the healthcare vertical. Are you taking it? Meanwhile, malware campaigns are on the rise! To hear more, just click play!

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More Than 80% of Healthcare IT Leaders Say Their Systems Have Been Compromised

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Lucas Mearian, @lucasmearian

Malvertising Campaigns up 325 Percent This Year: Report

The Whir, @theWHIR, Chris Burt


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Remote hacking of routers:

         Some Routers Vulnerable to Remote Hacking Due to Hard-Coded Admin Credentials
         CIO@CIOonlineLucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Smart fridge:

        Smart Refrigerator Hack Exposes Gmail Login Credentials
        Network World@NetworkWorld, Colin Neagle

India under attack:

         Google Pulls App Exploiting Certifi-Gate Vulnerability
         ThreatPost, @threatpost, Mike Mimoso, @Mike_Mimoso



Hey there! You’ll all looking dapper today. Welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind. 

If you’re not already aware that health care IT is a huge opportunity for MSPs, a recent survey from KPMG just might open your eyes. The recent report states that a whopping 81% of health care executives say that their organizations have been compromised. Malware, botnet and other forms of cyber attacks were cited as the types of invasions that have occurred over the past two years. Even more alarming is that only half of the executives that have been compromised feel as though they’re adequately prepared to prevent future attacks. There’s your opportunity! Get in there and prepare them! The greatest risks within these organizations included outside attackers, sharing data with third parties, employee breaches, wireless computing and inadequate firewalls.

As if those numbers weren’t enough to make your skin crawl, a recent report by Cyphort showed that malvertising campaigns are up 325% this year. The report estimates that the cost of ad-fraud will exceed 6 billion in 2015. The report takes a deep dive into the mind of a cyber criminal and describes how they use ad networks to infect and compromise user machines and devices.

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