9 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for MSPs

With Halloween right around the corner, have you figured out what you’ll be dressing up as? If not, don’t fret—this post contains nine tech-related costumes that are not only easy to put together, they’re sure to be a hit at the office party or out on the block trick-or-treating.

1. Phisherman

Phishing-CostumeThis is a simple costume that represents a world of pain for many, many people. Phishing schemes involve cybercriminals attempting to obtain information from users by posing as trustworthy entities. For this costume, you simply need to find a fisherman's pole and perhaps an envelope that’s labeled “confidential.”

2. Firewall


This could be a funny costume for the bouncer or security of the party. Nobody is getting in or out without getting past the firewall! We're not completely sure if there are "brick wall" costumes that exist out there, but if you're crafty enough, you can make one of your own on a simple foam core board. Add a fireman hat or outfit to the mix and you've got yourself a creative tech costume.

3. Cloud Security


Cloud security has been a real hot topic this year, so you'd be fitting right in with the latest trends if you opt to go with this costume. Hanging a cloud around your neck after finding yourself a security or police officer outfit is an easy way to represent this technology buzzword.

4. RMM Agent

RMM-Agent-CostumeYou've installed plenty of these on your clients' endpoints in the past, so why not become one for Halloween this year? We'll admit, the RMM representation in this costume is a bit of a cop out, but we think others in the tech industry will get the point. Plus, you get to dress up as an awesome secret agent.

5. Bitcoin 

Bitcoin-CostumeWhether it’s price is up or down, Bitcoin is definitely au courant this year. If you're good with arts and crafts, or know someone who is, this can be a simple, yet creative idea that could impress at your office party. To transform yourself into this popular piece of digital currency, simply cut out a circular piece of cardboard, draw or paint the Bitcoin symbol on it, and drape it around your neck.

6. Malwarewolf

Malwarewolf-CostumeEveryone loves a scary costume, and this one combines the horrors of both the cyber and fantasy world: malware and werewolves. If you already own a t-shirt with a virus-like symbol on it, this costume should be easy to pull together. Just add a pair of hairy ears and muzzle—plus a howl for an added touch—and you’ve got yourself a convincing malwarewolf.

7. MDM&M

MDM&M-CostumeM&Ms are a classic candy, and when you combine them with Mobile Device Management—or MDM for short—you get this creative costume. Again, this might require some craftiness, but all you have to do is cut out a circular shape and paint on your favorite M&M’s face, then pair this getup with your phone or tablet in hand.

8. Ape P.I.


He's on the case, figuring out who's talking to who and following the data till it leads him to the truth. Or a banana. If you've got application program interfaces gone wild, then Ape P.I. is the costume for you. And, it’s relatively easy to put together: all you need is an ape mask, a nice suit, and some sleek sunglasses.

9. ROM and Coke

ROM-and-Coke-CostumeWe’re all familiar with the classic “rum and coke,” but we've decided to add a little tech spin to this popular drink for our final costume suggestion. This is a versatile one: it can be a couple’s costume or an individual costume. To put this together, first find or buy a Coca Cola costume, then hot glue some CD ROMs to it and you’re in business.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this collision of worlds between classic costumes and the tech industry. Will you be dressing up as one of these costumes? Share your picture with us on Twitter at @FollowContinuum!


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