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VIDEO: A New Malware Campaign Is Targeting SMBs: IT Rewind Episode 60

Posted December 4, 2015by Ben Barker

A new malware campaign is posing a serious threat to small and mid-sized businesses. Meanwhile, a Chinese cyberthreat group is using Dropbox to compromise systems. To hear more, just click play!


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Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week

Don't Abandon Your SLA. Sharpen IT!

Don't abandon your SLA


I recently read Joe Panettieri's Channel E2E article which questioned if MSPs should abandon their service level agreements (SLAs). He cites a thesis from TruMethods Owner Gary Pica and CTO Bob Penland, which argues that MSPs should focus less on their SLA guarantees to customers and more on their proactive support and care. The two argue that SLAs are often used to prove how good MSPs are "in reactive mode," which isn't good enough.

Now, I will concede that the principle behind this theory is one I agree with. By offering threat detection and monitoring services, I'm able to reduce the number of tickets that a customer generates, thus avoiding costly downtime and demonstrating that I'm able to expertly prevent problems from developing into huge issues. Also, by maintaining the health of client endpoints, servers and networks, my team is able to deliver faster resolution times that keep clients happy, all while driving our own business costs down. Read more »


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Hey everyone welcome back to IT Rewind. On today’s episode, the 60th episode of IT Rewind, we’re taking a look at a new attack campaign against SMBs. You’ll hear all about this story and more right now on IT Rewind!

A new malware attack campaign called “Black Atlas” is specifically targeting small and mid-sized businesses. The attackers are re purposing penetration testing tools and breaking into the networks of businesses with weak password practices to infect the systems with malware. The malware is being used to compromise the PoS systems of these small and mid-sized companies in order to acquire payment card details. The attacks have affected businesses around the world, including a healthcare organization in the US that has yet to be named.

Sticking to the subject of cyberthreat groups, a Chinese organization known as “admin@338” is using APIs from Dropbox to hide command and control functions inside an encrypted service. The attack starts out as a phishing attack by using an infected Word document. Once opened, the session begins. The malware sends a file to Dropbox and the command and control system can then control the malware on the infected computer. Currently, the treat exists in Hong Kong, but the attackers could easily turn their attention to the US soon.

That’s all the time that we have for this week’s episode of IT Rewind, As always, read the full stories that we covered today and other tech stories by clicking on the links below.

Of course, you can always find us on Twitter, Instagram and Vine at FollowContinuum. We’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, Spiceworks, YouTube and Periscope.

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Ben is a graduate of Emerson College and a huge Boston sports fan.

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