Recent studies have shown that this year, more malware has been found for OS X than in the last five years combined. Meanwhile, companies that utilize cloud service are growing up to 50% faster! To hear more, just click play!

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Dell Says Companies Adopting Cloud and Advanced IT Grow Fifty Percent Faster

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MSP Myth Busters: Debunking "The Cloud"

Of all the tools in an IT arsenal, none in the past decade has been quite as hyped up or misunderstood by end-clients and non-technical folks as “The Cloud.”

For some, it’s a magical silver bullet solution that is never to be understood but always to be trusted. For others, it’s an unnatural behemoth that has more harmful gaps than the Ozone layer. And still, for some unfortunate souls, it’s an impossibly complicated technology that is somehow negatively impacted during stormy weather. No, seriously.

While you’ll likely never be able to clear up all of the myths that each end-client comes across, here’s a look at some of the most common misunderstandings floating around the world of cloud computing. Read More»

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Hey everyone welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind! Apple malware is on the rise and companies using the cloud are on the rise. Find out why on this week’s episode of IT Rewind!

We’ve all heard someone at some point make the uninformed statement that sounds something like this… “Apple doesn’t get viruses!” Well, recent studies have shown that this year, more malware has been found for OS X than in the last five years combined. Like, a lot more. I’m talking 948 unique samples this year compared to a total of 180 between 2010 and 2014. So, what’s going on? Well, Apple’s market share of desktop computers has increased to nearly 17%, making it a much more attractive target for hackers. Still, while Apple malware may be on the rise, it is still unbelievably low when compared to Windows. Rich Mogull, an analyst with Securiosis says, “If you put all of the Mac malware that we’ve seen, and you combine those numbers for the history of OS X, basically it is less by a significant amount than the amount of Windows malware that you will see in an hour!” Yikes.

While we’re on the topic of Apple Security, it’s worth noting that a China-based team recently became the first to jailbreak Apple’s iOS9. This jailbreak occurred just 28 days after the release of the software.

Want to grow your company quickly? It might be time to head to the cloud. A recent study by Dell shows that companies who have adopted the cloud and other forms of advanced IT are growing their companies fifty percent faster than those who are not. Surveys completed by 2,900 employees at companies with between 100 and 5,000 employees showed that companies with “on-premise cloud” have 46% higher growth rates while those with “off-premise cloud” have 51% higher growth rates when compares to companies that aren’t using the cloud. For those companies who aren’t taking advantage of the cloud, security concerns were the leading reason. However, as you can see in our Continuum featured blog post, the notion that cloud security is flawed should be taken with a grain of salt. We’ve busted that myth, so check out the full blog by Ben Austin.

That’s just about all the time that we have for this week’s episode of IT Rewind, As always, read the full stories that we covered today and other tech stories by clicking on the links below.

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