You've crunched the numbers, and you’ve got your revenue goals for the year mapped out – but how do you meet (or preferably, exceed) them? One way is to expand your services portfolio by adding a new technology into the mix – and what better way to help your customers support BYOD than by offering mobile device management (MDM)! 

You already know that the famed bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is here, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Your clients’ employees need to be able to access their work files and email on-the-go; it's simply a part of the job today. Think about the last time you went on an on-site visit to meet with a client or prospect; you likely opened up your Outlook or Mail app to make sure everything was running smoothly back at the shop, right? Your clients need to be able to leverage their iPads, Androids, Surfaces, you name it—whether they’re waiting for a delayed flight or while at home. The trick lies in securing the corporate data being accessed through these devices.

Think about it: say a mobile user is browsing Facebook, then takes a few photos, and finally opens an email containing a confidential spreadsheet with sensitive budget information. If that user later accesses a non-secure website or downloads a malicious application, that confidential company data is at risk.

That’s where you can help. By adding an MDM solution to your portfolio, you can provide your clients with true peace of mind when it comes to mobile security and policy enforcement. End users can enjoy the many productivity, collaboration and remote access benefits that BYOD has to offer, and you can help keep a watchful eye over their mobile environments to ensure compliance is met. 

To help you learn more about the opportunity that managed MDM presents, we’ve created this quick and digestible SlideShare presentation!



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