Bring it in, team. In this fast paced world of MSPs, it's challenging to cover all the bases when you're going 100 miles per minute. However, it's imporant to take a time out and make sure you're not leaving anything, or anyone, behind. Huddle up with me, Coach Raymond Vrabel, Director of Technical Account Management at Continuum, as I give you the top 4 common MSP Pitfalls and how to avoid them. Tune in now!



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Video Transcription:

Welcome back to another episode of Coach's Corner. My name is Ray Vrabel. I will be talking to you today about avoiding MSP pitfalls. In the world of managed IT services things never really seem to slow down. And when you're constantly running at full speed, it's easy to overlook certain risks and challenges that can put you and your success at risk. So in four minutes or less I can show you four ways to avoid some MSP pitfalls.

Number one. Treat your clients like people. As an MSP, you know how important proactive IT care and maintenance is to your clients. But do you apply that same emphasis and care toward your client relationships? Having conversations with the client only when something goes wrong or when it's time to renew a contract, can really sour your reputation and put good business at risk.You need to ask yourself these three questions. When was the last time I reached out to my client just to check in? How does my performance stack up in the eyes of my customers? And when was the last time I made an onsite visit to my customers?

Number two. Employees need the love too. If you've got a few highly skilled technicians at your MSP practice, it's generally pretty easy to let them fly solo. They're competent and can likely get the job done without much hand holding. But what if those employees are wasting their time dealing with routine maintenance and trouble shooting, when really in reality, their skills would be better served elsewhere? You want to make the most of your investment, so don't fall asleep at the wheel as a manager or business owner. Put your best people in front of the best opportunities. Really try to commit to these three practices. Take the time to manage good talent, offer them incentives and feedback, and really listen. And give your employees the big picture. You really want to share the big company goals with them.

Number three. Take a breather. Most MSP owners spend their days wearing multiple hats and performing a variety of duties at top speeds. And when you're multitasking, it's a must and important not to burn out because of it. As a business owner, you are responsible for setting the tone for the rest of the organization. And it's important that you and your employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Even if you're a small team or a one-man shop, the health of your business can suffer if you're not coming to work energized and excited everyday. Insist on the following for you and your employees. Take a vacation, maintain health and wellness, and try to avoid burn out by over-subscribing yourself.

Number four. Avoid self-interest vendors. If you've chosen a partner with a third party provider to expand your services or your portfolio, probably improving your efficiency, you know finding the right vendor is no picnic. And unfortunately, when you've made the wrong choice, it shows. Don't settle for a self-serving partner who isn't invested in your success. Make sure you're working with a true partner whose goals align with yours. As an MSP, your clients are ultimately your first responsibility, and unfortunately this makes it all too easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day operations and fall victim to these pitfalls.

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