In today’s job landscape, the ability to access work files and email on-the-go has become part of everyday operations. Smartphones and tablets continue to flood the workplace, and your clients’ employees are storing a lot of important data on them. So how can they ensure that the corporate data being accessed through these mobile devices stays secure?

That’s where you come in! As an MSP, it’s your job to educate your clients and prospective clients about the growing need to keep mobile devices protected, especially in the workplace. You can even do this in your next business presentation or meeting. Every business has different data management needs, but what are the essentials they need to know in order to understand the value of your managed IT services?

Nowadays, businesses need to be aware of the amount of data that is stored and accessed on mobile devices, and also ask themselves if they’re doing enough to protect that data. In a recent Ponemon Institute study, fifty-one percent of participants revealed they do not take any steps to protect their mobile data. This is a pain point that many businesses struggle with, and you can use this type of information to influence your formal presentation and proposal to make it more relatable.

The need for managing and protecting mobile devices is clear because the data they contain can easily become vulnerable. We’ve already seen this happen with the Pokémon GO phenomenon and the data security concerns that have risen due to it’s popularity. How can you show clients the need to invest in mobile security? To help you get started, we've already pulled data from Ponemon Institute’s How Much Is the Data on Your Mobile Device Worth?

See the chart below:



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As this chart shows, there is a striking amount of company-related information that employees have access to. If hackers were to hijack their mobile devices, these cybercriminals would also have access to all of this sensitive company data. Use the above chart to convince clients and prospects why they need you to protect employee-owned mobile devices.

The security of work-related, mobile data is a huge concern for both employers and employees. The same Ponemon Institute study showed that fifty-five percent of respondents are concerned about the security of employer data on their mobile device. More and more employees are bringing their own computing and mobile devices to the workplace and connecting to the secure corporate network. But when theses smartphones, tablets and the like aren’t directly supervised by IT staff or protected by corporate antivirus solutions, vulnerabilities have a higher likelihood of being successfully exploited. 

Businesses must develop a plan to manage mobile devices before they wreak havoc on their corporate data and digital security. You can use the chart above in your next business presentation to help sell clients and prospects on increasing their mobile security measures!

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