Ask the Experts: How Do I Sell Managed Security Services?

Did you know that almost 70 percent of organizations don’t believe their basic security software can block today’s cyber threats? What’s more, nearly half of the security risk that organizations face stems from having multiple security vendors and products. But what does this mean for you, the MSP?

There’s a ripe opportunity with managed security services. Adding security to your portfolio will not only allow you to better protect your clients, but also step in as their all-inclusive IT and security provider. So, how can you get there?

I’ve asked a couple of experts to share their advice and help answer the question that’s crossing every MSP’s mind: how do I sell managed security services?

The Time is Now to Add Security to Your MSP

Last week, Jay Ryerse, CTO of Security Products at Continuum, presented a breakfast-and-learn session at Robin Robins Producers Club 2018 titled, The Time is Now to Add Security to Your MSP. I asked Jay about how MSPs can take advantage of this security opportunity, and here’s what he had to say:

“It’s vitally important that MSPs take advantage of the security opportunity, because if they don’t, that business will fall right into the hands of a competitor. MSP clients know there is a cyber problem, but it has yet to be brought down to their level. All SMBs hear of are enterprise-level breaches, so they believe they’re either not large enough to be targeted or trust that their MSP is doing a good job keeping them protected... until it’s too late.”

Where to Start with Managed Security

I asked Drew Sanford, Director of SOC Operations at Continuum, about how MSPs can successfully start adding security into their portfolio. Here is his advice:

“Businesses are continually at risk, yet the current set of tools that most MSPs implement lack the true level of visibility and protection necessary to assure their customers—or themselves—are safe. When looking to add security, MSPs should first determine if they’re a compliance-centric MSP or not. If the answer is no, they can leverage a more advanced foundational solution, such as Profile & Protect, to define their offering and start layering from there. The advantage here is that Continuum’s SOC will watch, alert and engage with them on any issues. If they are compliance-centric, then my advice would be to start by looking at how they can add some of the necessary levels of visibility that are needed to help customers reach compliance, like Detect & Respond – Network & Compliance, for example.”

Security Sales Tools

Also last week, Austin Roberts, Sales Manager of North American Sales at Continuum, had a speaking session at ASCII IT Success Summit in Charlotte, NC. During this session, titled 2 Simple Tools to Successfully Sell Security to Even the Most Stubborn Business Owners, he covered two simple tools that can help MSPs increase their recurring security revenue. Here’s his advice on why these sales enablement tools are so vital to selling security services:

“The two simple tools I spoke about are the 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Attack infographic and the Decline of Services document.

The Decline of Services document provides MSPs with a chance to document with the client where they are choosing to not get additional protection by purchasing more advanced security solutions from their MSP. This is important because it forces them to think through the decision, and it gives the MSP piece of mind knowing they made it available but it was declined when there is a security event.

Secondly, the infographic is so important because it gives the ability to visually show two major things: first, what the MSP is currently protecting a client from; and second, where the gaps in coverage are and what isn’t being protected. This drives home the fact that the threat landscape has changed, and what would previously be seen as a good security strategy is not good enough today.”

Using content such as this can be extremely effective in overcoming objections and stalls, and convincing even the most stubborn business owners to buy advanced security services.


Want to leverage this infographic for yourself? Download it here:

Download 15 Ways Infographic