The pesky Asprox botnet seems to have gone away, but for how long? Meanwhile, Windows 10 gets its first set of patches, and a Chinese hacking team shows how GPS can be manipulated in a dangerous way. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind! Just click play!

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Asprox Botnet, a Long-Running Nuisance, Disappears

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Windows 10 Gets Its First Set of Security Patches

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Chinese Unicorn Team Hacks GPS at DefCon

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Hey everybody, welcome back to the Boston studios for another edition of IT Rewind! We’ve got a lot to cover today, so lets get started!

Today on IT Rewind we lead off with some news that may be cause for celebration. The Asprox botnet appears to be no more. The Asprox botnet was known for its malware-spamming activities had been responsible for spam campaigns since 2007. The botnet would trick users into downloading harmful attachments in emails that appeared to be from services such as FedEx, the USPS and American Airlines. Still, it’s not exactly clear sailing. Because there were no arrests, it is likely that the operation has simply been shut down in order to regroup and redeploy with enhanced security evasion tactics.

The first set of security patches for Windows 10 have been released. The patches cover Windows 10 as well as the “Edge” browser that runs on the new Windows OS. Of the 14 security bulletins released this month, 3 were marked as “critical,” so users should be sure to patch as quickly as possible. The 3 critical bulletins cover Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.

It’s no secret that GPS is being used widely around the world. This is a bit concerning given the recent demonstration at the DefCon security conference in Las Vegas. A team of Chinese hackers detailed how they were able to alter GPS coordinates on devices to create the illusion that the device is somewhere that it is not. One concern with this type of hack is that, if done correctly, drones may be able to bypass no-fly zone restrictions.

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