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David Dufour

David is the Vice President of Engineering at Webroot. He has 30+ years of experience in systems integration and software engineering focusing on large-scale, high-performance, high-availability integration solutions.

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3 Essential Solutions for the MSP Toolkit

Posted by David Dufour on September 4, 2018

3 Essential Solutions for the MSP Toolkit

Just like any other business, running a successful managed service equates to profitability. It should come as no surprise, then, that guaranteeing client satisfaction, promoting retention, and presenting opportunities for increasing recurring revenue are central to the MSP mission.

What are the most important tools in an MSP’s toolkit for ensuring that clients are happy, they stick around, and they grow their contribution to a business? It turns out, they’re the same tools that help MSPs widen profit margins by spending less time on remediation per client. The more time that’s freed up, the more clients you can take on without incurring additional personnel costs, while still offering the most efficient and effective protection possible.

Here are three must-haves for making that happen:

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