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Joanna Sobran

Joanna Sobran is the Founder/CEO of MXOtech an award winning IT company serving as an outsourced technology department to clients. For over 12 years, they have been fanatic about delivering IT solutions with innovation centered around kick-ass service. Their services range from managing a company’s computer IT services, network, security, business process improvement, backup and disaster recovery, data integration or building custom applications. They are highly focused on leveraging technology to help grow businesses, reduce man power, increase efficiencies and improve customer service. At MXOtech, "who" comes before "what." In short, they don’t just support computers, they support people and their mission.

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Growing Your MSP Business with the Right Leadership Team

Posted by Joanna Sobran on February 28, 2018

Growing Your MSP Business with the Right Leadership Team

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business. At 19 years old, I worked for two women who ran a successful company from their basement office, eventually growing to over 100 employees. While I didn’t love my job, I loved watching them dress up in expensive suits and high heels, attend important meetings and create a culture of hard work and friendships. At least, that’s what was important and impressive at 19 years old.

While the company added new employees weekly, I was especially impressed with the new leaders who came in to manage and continue to grow the business. Back then, it was all about the people, having fun, and the unique service offering that attracted new clients daily. Today, you need to build a team you can trust and continuously learn from if you’re going to grow your MSP business.

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