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Joseph Tavano

Joseph Tavano is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Continuum, with more than 14 years of experience in content creation, content marketing, event marketing, marketing communications, demand generation and editorial across a range of industries. He is the author of several eBooks, blog posts, thought-leadership articles and other marketing and product collateral that enable Continuum partners and IT service providers in the channel to make their businesses stronger and grow their profits. In 2016, he launched the Continuum Podcast Network, which publishes multiple shows every week and reaches tens of thousands of IT professionals every year. A native of Boston, he holds bachelors in English and History from Suffolk University and resides in Salem, Massachusetts.
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Recent Posts

Bridging the Chasm Between Lead Acquisition and the MSP Sale

Posted by Joseph Tavano on October 17, 2018

Bridging the Chasm Between Lead Acquisition and the MSP Sale

When asked about the lifecycle of a sale, it is common for many businesses to discuss a clear and strict division between the duties of marketing and of sales—marketing is responsible for attracting and acquiring leads, and sales is responsible for contacting those leads, qualifying them as interested prospects, and converting them into customers.

But what happens between the initial interaction and the close? How many prospects go cold or fall off the radar? How many hours are invested into prospects who inevitably walk away?

There’s a clear gap here, and there’s only so much that a pure sales approach can do to close it. And, with finite human resources in sales, there’s only so many calls that can be made. What’s needed to bridge that gap between lead acquisition and the sale is what’s known as lead nurturing.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing

Your Client Asks You to Explain the Cloud. What Do You Say?

Posted by Joseph Tavano on July 10, 2018

Your Client Asks You to Explain the Cloud. What Do You Say?

As an MSP, you are responsible for the endpoints and IT environments of many clients. You are their IT expert, their technical wizard, and their resource for all things with a screen and a plug.

But the technical world that you inhabit on a daily basis isn’t the same as the top-level user experience that your client sees every day. Depending on the industry, they may understand less about technology than you may realize, which can lead to unnecessary confusion when it comes time to discuss services, pricing and additional products like advanced security and cloud solutions.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, Sales and Marketing

Introducing the MSP's Guide to Targeting New Verticals

Posted by Joseph Tavano on June 5, 2018


The ability for an MSP to specialize and differentiate themselves from their competition is a major factor toward business growth. However, with IT services becoming increasingly commoditized, providers are converging under large-scale mergers and acquisitions. This leaves many MSPs looking for the right way forward to grow their business. For many MSPs, this means specializing managed IT services for specific vertically-aligned industries.

From technology needs, to regulatory concerns to highly specific RMM, security and BDR requirements, MSPs who specialize in a vertical must become experts within that field in the realm of IT. They will anticipate problems before they happen, resolve issues as they arise, and advise on the technology needs for the future—all of which requires industry-specific experience and knowledge. For the MSPs who take the time to accumulate these skillsets and earn a trusted reputation within the vertical, the ROI can be enormous.

It all starts with a first step, and our new eBook, Targeting New Verticals: Understanding MSP Opportunities and Go-to-Market Strategies, is the perfect place to consider and evaluate your next move.

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Topics: Vertical Alignment, Sales and Marketing, Revenue Growth and Profitability

4 Signs It’s Time for a Help Desk Partnership

Posted by Joseph Tavano on May 30, 2018

4 Signs It’s Time for a Help Desk Partnership

At a certain point in the growth of an MSP’s business, there comes a time where the demand for client support outpaces the time (and profitability) of existing MSP resources, ultimately resulting in the need for Help Desk capabilities.

But how should MSPs acquire these capabilities? There are a number of options available, from acquisition to partnership to building it out oneself. However, out of all these options, a partnership with an experienced Help Desk vendor can provide some of the best margins and ROI. Meanwhile, an acquisition can put a business into debt it may never recover from, and building out an in-house help desk solution can lead to skyrocketing general & administrative (G&A) expenses that may make business growth increasingly unprofitable.

So, when is it time to partner for Help Desk services? Here are four signs your MSP business may be ready.

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Topics: Help Desk, Vendor Management, Customer Service

May the Fourth Be With You! 7 Star Wars Characters That Are Just Like MSPs

Posted by Joseph Tavano on May 4, 2018

May the Fourth Be With You! 7 Star Wars Characters That Are Just Like MSPs

In honor of today officially being Star Wars Day, May the 4th (not to be outdone by Revenge of the Fifth), we decided to put together a list of all the ways that MSPs are just like characters in the Star Wars saga. There’s a lot that the galaxy far, far away has in common with managed IT services, and just like the Star Wars franchise is perpetually growing at scale, we want your business to do the same.

So, grab your BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle, a hydrospanner, or that trusted lightsaber, and let’s take a look at the characters that are most similar to MSPs!

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Topics: Remote Monitoring and Management, Network Operations Center

Explaining the Cloud to End Users: 4 Things to Cover

Posted by Joseph Tavano on April 24, 2018

Explaining the Cloud to End Users: 4 Things to Remember

While cloud integration is virtually ubiquitous in modern computing, it is often misunderstood or misinterpreted outside of the IT industry. Outside of the sphere of tech insiders, where acronyms, jargon and abstract product names are commonplace, the idea of “The Cloud” can be shrouded in mystery from years of pop-culture confusion and misuse in fiction.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, Data Protection

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Non-Profit

Posted by Joseph Tavano on March 27, 2018

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Non-Profit

Tight budgets. Limited staff. At first, non-profits do not sound much like a vertical that makes sense for MSP growth. How does one build a profitable line of business from a group of clients that, by definition, do not turn a profit themselves?

However, consider those first impressions one more time. Tight budgets mean there’s no room for anything to go wrong with their IT networks, because there may literally not be enough funds to repair and restore crucial infrastructure if it goes down. Limited staff means hiring a team of dedicated, qualified IT technicians is out of the question. In reality, there may not be a vertical better-suited to the managed services model than the non-profit sector, as there is a clear and genuine need for MSP services.

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Topics: Vertical Alignment, Revenue Growth and Profitability

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Construction

Posted by Joseph Tavano on March 13, 2018

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Construction

When the discussion of verticals comes up in the IT channel, the conversation usually switches to the healthcare industry, legal, financial—in other words, the established verticals, and the opportunities there. However, in many regions the markets for these verticals amount to a zero-sum game; there are a limited number of clients within said vertical in a region, and to add new clients, another must lose them.

This sort of stiff competition can make it challenging for new MSPs to enter a vertically aligned market, but that’s not to say there aren’t other opportunities to specialize in a vertical. Numerous verticals exist for MSPs to tap into, and new ones are being born all the time as advancements in technology and communications enter new sectors.

The construction industry is one such sector where managed IT services are emerging as a clear necessity for maintaining normal business operations, and as such has become a new vertical MSPs are able to specialize in.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Revenue Growth and Profitability

7 Proven Tactics for MSP Growth: Tactic #7

Posted by Joseph Tavano on March 8, 2018


MSPs have plenty of options when selecting their technology partners, so what is the criteria that matters most when choosing the best partner for your business? In this seventh and final installment of the 7 Proven Tactics for MSP Growth, you’ll learn why a low total cost of ownership for your technology solution over time is the best way to maximize margins and optimize productivity.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Revenue Growth and Profitability

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Financial

Posted by Joseph Tavano on February 27, 2018

New Verticals to Go After in 2018: Financial

When you’re ready to take on large accounts—the kind that are teeming with regulatory compliance needs and lengthy contract processes, but also produce lengthy, highly profitable client lifecycles—the financial vertical may be the area in which you want to specialize your MSP practice.

At first glance, it may seem like the healthcare vertical and the financial vertical have similar requirements—they are both large clients with many servers, devices and endpoints, and they are both highly regulated industries that have strict data compliance rules. However, the financial vertical has highly specialized rules regarding data governance, auditing concerns, and due diligence efforts regarding SLAs that differentiate the vertical.

However, those differences create opportunity for the MSP who chooses to specialize, as IT service providers have never been more necessary for banks and other financial institutions large and small.

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Topics: Revenue Growth and Profitability, Business Development and Growth

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