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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the foundation of your MSP business. They are essential to building strong client relationships and must be clear, reasonable and well-constructed.

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Matt Mainhart

Previously one of the main trainers on our white label IT Help Desk, Matt now serves as Technical Sales Engineer. Holding a CompTIA Executive Certificate in Channel Management, as well as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials, HDI Service Center Team Lead and Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications, he is here to optimize service delivery for MSPs and IT professionals.
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Recent Posts

3 Browser Extensions for Safe and Secure Browsing

Posted by Matt Mainhart on April 6, 2017

3 Browser Extensions for Safe and Secure Browsing.png

With the invention of the internet, almost everything is now one simple click away. Unfortunately, this luxury comes with certain consequences, such as companies being able track your every move as you browse. You might not know it, but the websites you and your clients visit are using one or more “trackers” to follow your browsing habits around the web and learn more about you. These internet shenanigans can come in many forms, like advertisement popups, unauthorized information gathering – you name it.

So, how are you protecting yourselves, or better yet, your clients? Check out these three browser extensions they can install to browse the internet (somewhat) shenanigan free. Share them with your clients in your next newsletter send to help make their browsing experience more secure!

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Topics: Information Security, Client Quick Tips

3 Ways to Increase Laptop Security On-The-Go

Posted by Matt Mainhart on March 9, 2017

3 Ways to Increase Laptop Security On-the-Go.png

Allow me to paint a scary picture for you. You’re on the road for work and answering some emails from a client at the airport. Then you get thirsty, but you see that there’s an overpriced drink stand just a few steps away and you make the sacrifice of spending $4.00 on a bottle of water. As you break out your wallet and pay up, you turn around to see that your laptop is gone! You only stepped away for about 60 seconds and were just a few steps away. However, a thief saw this as a window of opportunity, and took it.

Now you and your boss are freaking out about confidential company information potentially getting into the wrong hands. As the world starts to spin, you find yourself asking “how could this happen?”

Now, we can snap back to reality. In order to prevent this unruly situation from happening to you, check out the three quick tips below for increased laptop security while you’re on-the-go.

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Topics: Information Security, White-Label Resources, Client Quick Tips, Cybersecurity and Threat Management

Trick or Treat? 3 Child Safety Apps to Download for Halloween

Posted by Matt Mainhart on October 27, 2016

Trick or Treat? 3 Ways to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween.png

In the coming weeks, many small ghouls and goblins will be roaming the streets – each in search of tricks or treats. But you might be asking yourself, “What does Halloween have to do with my MSP business?” Well, many of the clients you work with are parents, and their children are planning to partake in the celebrations. Being the trusted business advisor that you are, don’t you want to provide them with helpful tips on how to keep their kids safe this Halloween? In your mission to best serve your clients, both professionally and personally, start with including this latest set of quick tips in your next newsletter send!

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Tech Quick Tips, Client Quick Tips

4 Tools Designed to Prevent Screen Fatigue & Boost Employee Productivity

Posted by Matt Mainhart on October 3, 2016

Most if not all of us spend too much time in front of a screen. Televisions, smartphones, laptops – we are surrounded by screen, after screen, after screen. As a result, our relationship with technology can be bittersweet. As awesome as it is to have all of the information we ever needed right at our fingertips, our health and productivity depend on our ability to unplug.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Tech Quick Tips, Client Quick Tips

5 Awesome Windows Features You Never Knew Existed

Posted by Matt Mainhart on August 24, 2016

The PC users you serve depend on Windows® for their daily business processes, but they may only be using basic features and functionalities. What about those productivity hacks and secret tricks that make work more bearable? The masterminds over at Microsoft® are constantly thinking up new, innovative ways to optimize their operating system’s user experience. 

Have you shared these five special features, gestures and Easter eggs with your end clients? As their strategic advisor and virtual CIO (vCIO), you’ve been charged with helping them grow their profitability. To alleviate operational inefficiencies and technology time-sucks, include this latest set of technology quick tips in your next newsletter send!

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Tech Quick Tips, Client Quick Tips

4 Ways to Prepare for a Data Disaster

Posted by Matt Mainhart on June 21, 2016

The office is in a panic. Work has stopped, and no one knows what to do. Day 0 is upon you. No, not the Zombie apocalypse, but almost. Your clients have encountered a data disaster and are unable to access the information needed to keep their business rolling.

This resulting downtime is basically the IT equivalent to the Zombie apocalypse. Nobody wants to go through this scenario, and most are unprepared for it. So how do you ready your customers for a data disaster? Through your proactive, headache-saving backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution. In this next round of technology quick tips to share, I provide your prospects and clients with four ways to arm themselves against the cyber version of the walking dead! 

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Topics: Backup and Disaster Recovery, Client Quick Tips

3 Ways Clients Can Assist Your Tech Support Team

Posted by Matt Mainhart on April 29, 2016

As your technicians will likely attest to, providing technical support is a two-way street. When clients request your IT services, they can expedite the process and allow your staff to efficiently work toward a resolution. IT technicians aren't mind readers. When clients hop on the phone or submit a ticket, these techs need to be able to understand and recreate the issue in their minds. They need direction before they can begin to fix the problem. 

So how can you help end users work alongside your support team to close out tickets in optimal time? Here's the next round of tech quick tips. View the client-facing content below, and then download for your own marketing needs!

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Topics: Customer Service, Client Quick Tips

3 Ways to Stay Secure When Using the Cloud

Posted by Matt Mainhart on March 30, 2016

Last month, I wrote a blog post about how to better understand the cloud, what it is and what it does. This time, I'm covering how your clients can stay secure once they move to the cloud. Having the ability to connect from anywhere certainly has its advantages, but only if potential security risks are managed and thwarted. Do your clients know how to keep themselves and their company data safe in the cloud? Share these useful tips to help ease their transition and demonstrate your authority as their strategic business advisor!

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Topics: Tech Quick Tips, Cloud Computing, Client Quick Tips

Helping Clients Understand Cloud Computing and Cloud Technology

Posted by Matt Mainhart on February 17, 2016

What is the cloud? Does my data really sit on fluffy white clouds and float above the world? What happens when an airplane drives through my spreadsheet, or a bird gets stuck in my document?

The scope of cloud technology and cloud computing is growing, as is its adoption. Your prospects and clients could be using it right now and not even know it. When working with the right IT services provider, cloud technology helps small-to-medium-sized businesses scale up the IT needs of their companies much faster than setting up new hardware.

But what does this term “cloud” mean to your clients?

We wrote a whole eBook about how to explain the cloud to your clients, but here are four quick tips to help them better understand the role the cloud plays in their workday. Download our white label version at the end to use in your next email send!

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Cloud Computing, Client Quick Tips

4 Ways to Help Employees and Clients Fight Off Infections

Posted by Matt Mainhart on January 12, 2016

Welcome to the Thunderdome. And by the Thunderdome, I mean the war going on inside your body against wave after wave of germ attacks and bacterial onslaughts.

As the weather grows colder, many of us become shut-ins. With the doors closed, windows shut, and everyone in one place – you are a sitting duck for risk of illness. The same goes for the office environment. We are all around each other, sharing documents, keyboards and workstations.

Did Mike wash his hands before sifting through that candy dish? We sure hope so, don’t we.

In any case, keep yourself clean.

Here on the blog, we typically write about how to prevent computer viruses and malware, but this time we're sharing four quick tips to help you and your clients stay healthy and as close to germ and bacteria free as possible. Be sure to download the white label version of these tips to include in your next email send to prospects and/or clients! 

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Tech Quick Tips, Client Quick Tips

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