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VIDEO: "Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?" - Backup Harry: The MSP's Worst Nightmare

Posted April 3, 2015by Tim Lewis


We all know how important backup and disaster recovery is, especially Backup Harry. Whenever someone fails to backup the smart way, Backup Harry is sure to show up unannounced to make their day worse by publicly shaming them. We found that Dirty Harry and Backup Harry had a very similar lifestyle, so we decided to create a little scene imitation....BDR style! See if you can see the difference yourself!




In the end this young chap learned his lesson: its crucial to have a solid BDR plan. Be sure to educate your clients on the importance of BDR and use this video to show them what could happen! Their computer just might explode sparks too!


Become a Backup Harry today!

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst: The Keys to Effective Backup & Disaster Recovery

Tim Lewis came from Emerson College in Boston, he lives and breathes motion pictures. In his spare time he enjoys petting his dog, Duke! Woof!

Topics: BDR

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