Backup to the Future: A Recap [SlideShare]

In the modern IT services landscape, offering backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services is a must for MSPs who are looking to stay competitive and grow their business in the years to come. If you’ve been following our Backup to the Future series for the past eight weeks, you know all about the forces that are shaping the business models for MSPs offering BDR today, and how to evolve to take on new business more efficiently and more profitably for long-term success.

However, in light of increasing ransomware attacks and other security threats—not to mention natural disasters and other data-loss incidents—BDR has become commoditized in the IT channel. With more and more SMBs requiring IT services to function on a day to day basis, the conversation has shifted from if a business should have a backup solution in place, to whom they should be partnering with.

Given this significant opportunity for MSPs to offer BDR services to their clients, it’s important to have a rock-solid plan in place to deliver high-quality services to your clients while maintaining a healthy profit margin. Yet challenges persist that can prevent the kind of success necessary to build and scale a profitable BDR business. 

The following SlideShare provides a quick recap of our Backup to the Future series and its major themes. In it, you’ll discover seven of the challenges MSPs currently face when building a long-term strategy for BDR growth and success, focusing on important issues like total cost of ownership, the IT skills gap, and more. But what’s more, you’ll also learn how to overcome these challenges to achieve an outlook for success.

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