Backup to the Future Part VIII: Building a Profitable BDR Business with Continuity247

It’s been a long road, but it’s time to wrap up our “Backup to the Future” blog series. For those who have followed along with each installment, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the potential pitfalls of choosing an older or outdated backup and disaster recovery solution to build your BDR business upon, and how Continuum BDR is built to eliminate those pitfalls in favor of a more efficient and more profitable service delivery model for BDR.

Now, let’s take a deep dive into this robust solution and see how you can make your BDR business boom by leveraging Continuum BDR.

Before we get started, here’s a quick recap of the main points of the series, in case you’re just catching up now:

  • In part I, we discussed how to determine the total cost of ownership for your existing BDR platform, and how to understand where inefficiencies lie and where opportunities for greater profitability can be found.
  • In part II, we discussed the growing IT skills gap and how it affects the BDR market. As BDR systems become increasingly complex and skilled, experienced labor becomes harder to find, so it’s clear that a new solution must be found for MSPs to grow and scale profitably.
  • Part III delved into the BDR industry at a macro level, and noted the increasing commoditization of BDR-as-a-service in the IT channel. This commoditization further emphasizes the fact that in order to be competitive now and into the future, MSPs must find ways to differentiate their services with more efficient platforms.
  • The cloud and its impact on the future of BDR was the subject of part IV of the series, and its impact on everything from the shape of cloud architecture to pricing and packaging became apparent.
  • The myth of unlimited data, and how managing BDR data storage in a flexible system is a path for greater scalability was the major focus of part V.
  • Part VI discussed the factors that lead to MSPs switching to a new BDR platform, and the challenges and benefits that await when standardizing on a newer, more efficient platform.
  • Finally, in part VII, we discussed the emerging MSP security landscape and how BDR already fits into the spectrum of services that should be part of any security plan moving forward, in order to provide a baseline of defense against ransomware.

Continuum BDR: Advanced BDR Designed for Profitable Growth

Continuum BDR was designed with the idea that BDR shouldn’t be a solution that’s offered in a vacuum. MSPs today offer a wide range of software and services to their clients, and perform numerous functions for them every day—including remote monitoring and management, end user support, security services and more. Continuum is committed to providing a single, unified platform that eliminates the headaches that exist when providers must manage multiple vendor relationships, transfer data between systems and attempt to price and package services that are being purchased and consumed differently.

The Continuum model employs a single pane of glass to deliver SaaS-based solutions and services through one portal. MSPs can remotely monitor, manage, back up and secure clients’ IT environments from a central location, maximizing systems integration and information to deliver exceptional efficiency, and speed. In the same way that SMBs are looking for one provider to manage their IT needs, MSPs can look to Continuum’s platform to support a significant majority of the services and functions they’re delivering to clients.

With the Continuum-owned Network Operations Center (NOC) working tirelessly to provide technical expertise, MSPs are empowered to more rapidly grow their business—while maximizing profitability and service delivery. In-house engineers and technical staff can be refocused toward higher-value work, given new responsibilities, and reorganized into a team that best deploys their experience and talents. MSP business owners can confidently take on as much business as they can close, while operational hiring costs can remain fixed; and far fewer hires are required to support long-term growth.

It’s no simple task to remove a BDR platform that’s been historically effective and is doing a “good enough” job to keep things moving forward for the time being—but forward-thinking MSPs should look to move beyond the status quo and identify which solutions and providers will best set them up for future success and continued growth. With Continuum BDR, your business will be perfectly situated and primed to capitalize on the new opportunities that are currently present in the IT channel in relation to backup, disaster recovery and ransomware, and ready to take on new business in the future with a solution that can scale profitably to take on any new business that can be closed.

So, are you ready to back up to the future? Click here to start your trial of Continuum BDR!

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