A Chrome extension could keep you safe from harm and BlackPhone isn't as safe as we once thought. We're covering these stories and more in this week's edition of IT Rewind!


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Bug in Ultra Secure BlackPhone Let Attackers Decrypt Texts, Stalk Users

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New Chrome Extension Spots Unencrypted Tracking

CIO, @CIOonline, Jeremy Kirk, @Jeremy_Kirk

VIDEO: Wrapping up the IT Resolution Challenge

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Hey everyone, welcome back for this week’s episode of IT Rewind! For the next two and a half minutes I’ll be delivering you some uninterrupted.

Thanks for that. Well, if you haven’t been following along, it’s not too late to start taking our IT Resolution Challenge. Sure, technically January is almost over, but, if you missed out on our 9 IT resolutions for 2015, just hop on over to and check out the wrap up so you can get started! Our own Brandon Garcin even delivered his best Liam Neeson impression.

You too can develop those particular MSP skills once you have, Taken, our challenge. 

Okay, okay. On to the news. 

The ultra-secure BlackPhone may not be as bullet proof as we once thought. Recently, a bug was discovered within the device that allowed attackers to decrypt texts, steal contacts, control device functions, and essentially stalk users by viewing the location of information. The vulnerability lived within the texting application that comes with the phone. On a positive note, the vulnerability was quickly fixed upon its discovery. Still, for a phone that was created to protect users from snoops to have such a security lapse isn’t exactly good news. 

There’s a new Chrome extension that provides you an extra set of eyes while surfing the web. The extension is able to identify tools embedded in websites that could put you at risk. It is able to highlight specific tools that send unencrypted data over the Internet. Whether it’s for online advertising, social media, or analytics, some third-party sites put your data at risk to those with network-level access if the data is unencrypted. The extension is called TrackerSSL and it’s available for free download on the Chrome Web Store.

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