Boost Prospect and Customer Engagement with Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to stay top-of-mind with prospects and customers, express the value of your IT services, and provide educational information that readers can use to be more productive in the workplace. With all the opportunities newsletters can help you uncover, there are a number of important elements to consider when producing a successful one.

Keep reading to explore how you can create and promote an effective email newsletter that can help you generate more leads and boost engagement with your prospects and customers.

Know Your Audience and Goal

The first step of creating a successful email newsletter is narrowing down who your audience will be and defining your goal. The point here is to have a purpose—not just scrape together an email and push it out the door to anybody who is willing to read it.

Before creating your newsletter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do I want to read this? Is this content geared towards customers or prospects?
  • What can I hope to achieve by publishing this newsletter?
  • Should I aim to get people to purchase my services or invest in some form of IT support?
  • Or, should I aim to offer best practices and recommendations for those who are already doing business with me?

Whether it’s one or the other, or both, you need to establish the purpose of your newsletter before going forward. Then, know who your audience is so you can tailor the message, the content and the calls-to-action to the right people.

Note: Keep in mind that your readers might be consuming content on-the-go, so be sure to optimize your newsletter for all device types!

Create Valuable Content

Next, you have to actually come up with the content—and it’s got to be valuable. Focus on being informative and educational, regardless of whether the newsletter is designed for prospects or existing customers.

You’ll want to avoid sending an email out every month that says, “buy something from us” or, “we’ve got this promotion going on!” While it’s OK to include messaging like that, it shouldn’t be the core content or offering of your newsletter. If this is what you’re aiming for, however, you should think about sending a dedicated sales email—separate from your newsletter.

Your newsletter should be about bringing value, educating or helping your readers. How can you do this? Some examples include sharing tips that end users can use to be more secure online, summarizing industry trends or news that your audience would want to know about, or simply providing IT tips for small business owners that can help them be more successful.

Essentially, you want to think about the type of information that would be valuable to your readers, and give them that information alongside any of the selling or product messaging you’d like to include.

Stick to a Schedule

Establishing a regular cadence is important, for both you and your audience. It’s much better to send a newsletter once a month or once a quarter, rather than send it for three weeks in a row and then go dark for a couple of months—and the same is true with blogging and content creation in general.

The idea behind this is that you’re going to have readers who will subscribe and grow to expect to receive this newsletter. So, you want to make sure that whatever cadence you commit to, you hold up that expectation. In turn, you’ll create meaningful content that people will regularly engage with, consume and subscribe to.

Spread the Message with Promotion

You have to promote your newsletter if you want to generate more leads or subscribers. Don’t be afraid to promote it on your website or social media. Try linking to the newsletter on different areas of your website or blog, or have a dedicated section on your homepage that says, “sign up for our newsletter!” To further encourage people to sign up, you can even link to archives or past editions and show them what they can expect to receive.

Any channel you have available to push content through, you can promote your newsletter and slowly but surely increase the engagement and subscriber rate. Encourage people to forward it to their colleagues and peers, or allow people to subscribe to specific topics or decide how frequently they’d like to receive the newsletter.

If you do a good job of promoting your newsletter and getting the word out, you’ll get the flywheel moving, gain some new subscribers and continue to see it grow and thrive. Before you know it, you’ll have a healthy list of folks who are chomping at the bit to engage with your content! 


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