In part one of this three-part weekly series, Bryan Gilliom, founder of Level 5 Coaching Group, identifies the five mistakes most MSPs make. Bryan is an industry veteran of over thirty years, having started in the IT field as a teenager in 1982. While CEO at InLine, he grew the company to a $40 million MSP practice! We're thrilled to feature Bryan as a speaker at Navigate, our first user conference. Can't wait until then? Check out his upcoming book, The Breakthrough MSP, in which he shares the many lessons he has learned over the course of his impressive career. We've linked an excerpt below!


Episode Outline:


[00:18] – About Bryan Gilliom

  • Started in IT in 1982
  • Started his first consulting business in 1992
[01:43] – The 5 Mistakes Most MSPs Make
  • Bryan shares his top 5 lessons learned from 30+ years in the MSP business

[02:32] – Expect the phone to just ring

  • Being really good at what you do does not guarantee a lot of business
  • Focus outside your business (referrals, outbound marketing, etc.)

[03:55] – Focus IN rather than OUT

  • Create services around your client (out) rather than the tools and people you have at your disposal (in)
  • Spend a day mentally in your customer’s shoes to understand their needs

[05:18] – Constantly “re-inventing the wheel”

  • Don’t approach every project with a “first-time” perspective
  • Change tools and systems of implementations every 10th or 12th time they are utilized

[07:32] – Having the right form of compensation for your employees

  • Use incentive-based compensation for employee motivation
  • Be careful designing compensation systems so your engineers don’t bill you for outrageous hours

[09:32] – Inform your employees on how you can be a better and more profitable business

  • Put your team on a mission so they understand how you can be a better business

[10:41] – Thinking you and your technicians are too busy to take on any other projects

  • Packard’s Law – a business is likely to die from too much business rather than too little
  • Executives generally have a limit of 5 items they can focus on. Adding more can lower efficiency
  • Find what your company is the best at and focus on that part of your business, even if it means saying “no” to other opportunities and fields

[12:50] ­– Recap

  • Don’t just expect the phone to ring
  • Avoid focusing IN rather than OUT
  • Constantly “re-inventing the wheel”
  • Motivation through compensation
  • “Busyness” can be good business

[13:57] – Coming up in Part 2

  • The 8 facets of building a breakthrough MSP
  • Conversion

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