In part two of this three-part weekly series, Bryan Gilliom, founder of Level 5 Coaching Group, shows us the "Eight Facet Model for Breakthrough MSP Success." In Bryan's previous MSPtv special, the industry veteran identified the 5 mistakes most MSPs make. After growing his previous company, InLine, to $40 million in annual revenue, we're thrilled to have Bryan speak at Navigate, our first user conference. Can't wait until then? You don't have to! We have another exclusive excerpt of his upcoming book, The Breakthrough MSP, linked below. Need to catch up on Part 1 of this series? Check it out here!

 [0:57] - Recap of Part 1

  • 1: Don't expect the phone to ring
  • 2: Avoid Focusing IN rather than OUT
  • 3: Re-invent the Wheel
  • 4: Motivation matters
  • 5: Don't treat busy-ness as good business

[1:43] - 8 Facet of Building a Breakthrough MSP

  • 4 facets are "above the waterline"
    • Things the clients see
  • 4 facets are "below the waterline"
    • Things clients experience, but aren't involved in

[2:51] - Conversion

  • MSPs aren't the best marketers in the world
  • Every Lead is gold
  • MSPs alone are not a competitve differentiator

[3:58] - What Will be your Convert?

  • Being the "Trusted Advisor" is just table stakes now
  • Your prospect is increasingly under contract already

[6:04] - The King of Conversion

  • How hard is it to "sell" a patient with a broken leg?
    • How hard is it to hit when you are swinging at ideal pitches?

[8:00] - Know Who You Are as an MSP

  • Why pick your company?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are you the BEST in your market at?
  • What can you be known for?

[11:40] - You are NOT in the Tech Business Anymore

  • You are in the RISK business
  • Technology is a tool you use
  • Your client doesn't care about your tools...unless they don't work
  • They don't care about your processes...unless they work

[14:23] - Your Agreements Must Take Risk From the Customer

  • If you don't someone else will!


Click here to download an excerpt from Bryan's first book:

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