In the exciting finale of this three-part series, Bryan Gilliom, founder of Level 5 Coaching Group, goes more in depth with the "Eight Facet Model for Breakthrough MSP Success" and focuses on conversion. In Bryan's previous MSPtv special, the industry veteran identified the 5 mistakes most MSPs make. After growing his previous company, InLine, to $40 million in annual revenue, we're thrilled to have Bryan speak at Navigate, our first user conference. Without further ado, we present the conclusion of our special MSPtv series with Bryan Gilliom...

Episode Outline:

[2:22] - Most important aspects of your relationship with your client

  • Trust and Confidence
    • You aren't in a tech business, it's a risk business

[3:24] - How can you build trust?

  • Don't just tell them, show them!
  • Provable data measurements
  • Testimonials
  • Documented & Developed Processes

[4:57] - How can you lose trust?

  • Speaking tech
  • Fear-mongering
  • Not following through your promises
  • Looking disorganized
  • Team isn't on the same page

[8:20] - How can you differentiate from your competitors?

  • Figure out what your competitors are not willing to do
    • FedEx built their entire business around that
  • Guarantee your performance
    • Guaranteeing service forces you to do that work

[10:41] - Choosing your battlefield

  • Where can you be strong and your competitors weak?
    • Make your competitor fight you where you are stronger

[12:30] - Winning the battle for attack surface

  • Think of the ways a competitor can get into your "castle" and vice versa
  • Minimize attack surface on your clients
  • Always deliver good quality

[14:29] - How to get your foot in the door of competitor's clients

  • Competitive differentiators
  • Any deal with a client is a good deal, it gets your foot in the door
  • Take advantage of any opportunities


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