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Welcome to the fourth blog of our “MSP Fast Track” hangout series, “Dedicated Tech: Don’t NOC it Till You Try it.” Our panelists were two engaging MSPs who shared why they’re leveraging our Dedicated Tech program.

Meet Our Panelists

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CCPlus, Brian Clark, President
PCGIT, Dave Hodgdon, President and Founder

Check out Brian and Dave’s answers to the questions posed to them during our interactive discussion.

Why Use Continuum's Dedicated Tech?

In Control as an MSP

I first asked our panelists: “Can you share what Continuum’s Dedicated Tech program is to you and what hooked you?”

Brian responded, “I've been a partner with Continuum for about four or five years and when they rolled out the program last year I was very eager to participate in it because we have challenges hiring qualified technicians to work on client systems, particularly maintenance activities and off-hour projects. And the Dedicated Tech program gave us the perfect opportunity to schedule and align projects and maintenance activities for the times that are difficult to hire a local technician to handle.

We’ve been so successful with the first (Tech) that we actually have brought on two additional, Dedicated Techs over the past eight or nine months.”


Hiring Your Tech

When I asked Dave and Brian to talk a bit about the Dedicated Tech matching and the interview process, they shared some helpful insights for other MSPs considering this program.

Dave said, “We found that the level two Dedicated Tech had the skillsets that we were looking for initially. I believe we had about a half dozen resumes and we interviewed all. We looked for the individual that we felt could migrate quickly into our environment and handle the processes that we needed them to proceed with. We were able to make the selection based upon a true resume. It wasn't a what Continuum told me, these individuals provided us with their resumes they had generated themselves and I was impressed with that fact because I wasn't being sold by Continuum I was being sold by the technician and that helped me make my decisions easier.”

Dedicated Tech Onboarding Feedback

Next, we talked about our MSP’s experience with the onboarding process. They shared some of their experiences with onboarding their Techs:

Brian stated, “We’re very satisfied with their level of onboarding because they're familiar with the Continuum product already, which makes it a huge, huge, help. And the fact that they have the NOC team just down the hall from them, when there's something that they come across that's not necessarily their familiarity, this means that they have a lot of resources close by to be able to get the answers they need.”

Dave added, “We gave (our Tech) the roadmap of where we wanted him to be in three months- of the projects that we want to work on and how we're going to use them. He could see where we wanted him to be. We were surprised that we said four to five weeks for the onboarding, and he was actually done in about two weeks.”

MSPs Experience Working With Their Dedicated Tech

When I asked our panelists to share what their Dedicated Tech is like to work with, it was clear they treat them like employees and bring them into the fold of their culture. Brian and Dave both stressed how important it is the Dedicated Tech is treated as an employee. They even commented that they include them on their website, send them holiday gifts and more.

Brian elaborated, “They know the product so much better than even our own guys, to be honest with you. With the Continuum interface, there are things that we were doing incorrectly—and I've been a partner for six years—like we weren't using the scripting in the right fashion or there were certain features we didn't even know existed and they were like, we can do it this way within your patching policies and then this will be the end result. So having that resource and integrating them into our team, it actually helped educate some of our team members here on how to better utilize the Continuum portal.”

Dave added, “The work ethic and expertise is there. And we liked the flexibility. We originally thought we had to have a tech on the off hours, but we want him to be part of the team and we have the overlap too.”

Then I asked what’s probably top of mind for a lot of you, if they have their Dedicated Tech speaking directly to their clients.

Here’s what Brian had to say, “We do have a two of the individuals that will speak directly to our client base using the softphones from Continuum. It can call in and it looks like a New York phone number and we've introduced our clients to them, so they feel comfortable with them and understand that they are a part of CCPlus. But most of the communication that we have is geared towards email notifications. They will copy me or my operations manager on emails, but they will communicate directly via email with a client as well.”

Benefits of the NOC

I then asked our panelists, “As relates to Continuum NOC, can you share your experience working with the NOC now that you have a Dedicated Tech who sits with the NOC team?”

Brian said, “Instead of having to go through those channels and waiting for a response back from the NOC team, we were able to go directly to our Dedicated Tech that's on and get an answer probably within two to three minutes.”

The Value of Dedicated Tech

Our panelists shared what they believe is the biggest benefit of using Continuum’s Dedicated Tech program.

Brian: One of the biggest benefits is being able to have a resource that'll work the shift that you're looking for on the activities. I find that it's very difficult to find a tech that wants to work the evening shift or the overnight shift here to do the things that have to be done when our clients are not operational.

Dave: I feel the biggest advantage is automation. The more we can automate, the more we're going to improve our efficiencies the better we can scale. If you want to scale your operation and maturity level…you need to have this dedicated resource. The cost to have a level two tech to me is 1/3 the cost of me hiring here local, that's a big number.

To learn more about why MSP partners chose to partner with Continuum to fill gaps in their technical needs, watch the full recording of this hangout “Dedicated Tech: Don’t NOC it Till You Try it,” and click here to explore how Continuum Assist works.