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Windows 9 & Security Spending: IT Rewind Episode 3

Posted August 30, 2014by Ben Barker


Ever wish you could watch the MSP equivalent of CNN, a one-stop resource for the latest news in IT? Now, you can! With the daily managed IT services grind, it's easy to miss the week's top headlines and breaking stories. That's why we're proud to bring you our weekly series, IT Rewind! 

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IT Rewind Feature Stories:

Did our short segment leave you wanting more? Check out the original articles of stories we covered! 

Why Microsoft needs to reveal Windows 9 sooner than later: The end of Windows 7

PCWorld,@pcworld, Brad Chacos, @BradChacos

Information Security Spending to reach $71 Billion in 2014

Information Management, @infomgmt, Bob Violino

What else is new in the IT channel?

Unfortunately, we couldn't cover all of the week's notable managed IT services headlines. We've linked them below so you stay in the know! 

Backoff malware dangers:

         US warns 'significant number' of major businesses hit by Backoff malware
          ComputerWorld, @Computerworld, Martyn Williams, @martyn_williams

Grocery fraud:

         Grocery shoppers nationwide probably had credit card data stolen
          Ars Technica, @arstechnica, Cyrus Farivar, @cfarivar

Surge in security:

          Study: Half of Businesses Will Hire IT Security Contractors by 2018
           Insurance News Net, @InsNewsNet, Wang Wei

Security overload:


          How much is too much IT security
            IT World Canada, @itworldca, Donna Lindskog


What do you think of our new series? Sound off in the comments below!

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Ben is a Boston-based tech marketing expert, and an avid Boston sports fan.

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