Combatting the Top 3 Challenges MSPs Face When Delivering Cybersecurity Services

The need to strengthen information security across all networks is now a universal truth. Yet, the demand for cybersecurity services is significantly outpacing the supply. For managed services providers (MSPs), this is a huge opportunity to simplify cybersecurity for their clients and grow their business.

In order to seize this chance to effectively protect your clients and increase profitability, it’s crucial that you establish a scalable formula for defining and selling your security services. Here’s where you can start.

Layer Your Solution with Specifics

Traditionally, MSPs have defined “security” as rolling up everything from firewall to DNS to anti-malware into one solution—causing end users to think that simply plugging this in will keep them completely secure. In actuality, this approach puts the MSP at a disadvantage because they’re not setting proper expectations with the client—and they’re missing cross-sell and upsell opportunities, turning security into a cost driver rather than a revenue driver.

When MSPs define what exactly they’re protecting against, they’ll be able to deliver a solution that fits that profile. An effective managed security offering will address specific client needs and solve the challenges they’re facing. It’s important that while your security solution should address real-world incidents and align with the client’s network activity, it should be multi-layered and capable of adapting to the inevitable changes in the threat landscape.

No client will have just one security need, so it’s important that your security offering is capable of combining and correlating security events within the network in order to identify real risks and ultimately cover all of the bases.

Let Partnership Be the Answer

Your clients—especially small-to-midsize businesses—have quickly become the principal target of cyber-attacks, but are unable to effectively manage them on their own. As an MSP, your clients are looking to you to monitor their network around the clock to protect against threats—but this can be costly, and no MSP wants to maintain a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC). MSPs should consider outsourcing their SOC to effectively protect their clients around the clock and deliver security services profitably.

Discover a New Product

At Continuum’s recent annual user conference, Navigate 2017, security experts on the team shared details about an upcoming security product that aims to overcome all of these challenges MSPs face when developing a security offering, and includes the software and services needed to remain competitive in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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