A number of companies were exposed for not encrypting sensitive information on their mobile apps, including credit card data! Meanwhile, a possible early termination of SHA-1 could lead to a lack of access on certain websites. To hear more, just click play!

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Companies Scramble to Fix Lack of Encryption on Mobile Apps

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SHA-1 Cutoff Could Block Millions of Users From Encrypted Websites

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How not to write a sales email


I receive a number of sales emails and correspondence throughout any given week. Some pique my interest, some I just brush off and ignore. But I received one the other day that was just plain BAD!

Upon first glance, the email copy may not seem as horrendous. Below, however, I share and dissect the message to show MSPs how NOT to write a sales email and provide tips for your next prospect send! 

I’ve stripped out the sender’s name and company, but here is the actual email they sent me after we told them we weren’t interested in their services... See the email »


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Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of IT Rewind. Today, we look into a number of companies that weren’t encrypting payment information on their mobile apps, and why millions of users may be blocked from encrypted websites. You’ll hear more about these stories right now on IT Rewind! 

A recent discovery by Wandera, a cloud and mobile security vendor, has left a number of companies scrambling to fix encryption issues within their mobile apps. 16 companies were ousted by the Wandera blog after it was discovered that they weren’t using SSL/TLS in their mobile apps. As a result, login credentials, personal information and payment card data could have easily been intercepted by someone on the same network. Included in the 16 named companies was easyJet, Chilltern Railways, San Diego Zoo, CN Tower and Aer Lingus. Since the release of the blog post, 5 of the 16 companies have fixed the issue with their mobile apps.

Websites using only digital certificates signed with the SHA-2 hashing algorithm may not be available to users trying to access them over the HTTPS protocol. According to Facebook and CloudFare, browser makers are considering retiring the SHA-1 function earlier than initially expected. Initially, it was recommended that SHA-1-signed certificates should not be issues after Jan. 1 2016. However, after a new way to break SHA-1 was discovered, some browsers, including Mozilla and Microsoft have considered an even earlier cut off date. If the websites that still use SHA-1 certificates don’t get new certificates signed with SHA-2 before the browsers start cutting off SHA-1, users will be unable to access those sites.

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