We recently attended the 14th annual TAG Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, where we presented our partner, ATS Communications, with the Continuum Rising Star Award, recognizing ATS’ achievement in sales growth and partnership success. After increasing sales of Continuum’s platform by nearly 61% since December 2013, ATS Communications was an easy choice for our Rising Star Award. 


Why ATS Communications

For over 35 years, ATS Communications has been helping small and medium sized businesses in the U.S. implement the right technologies to help them gain competitive advantages and positively impact their bottom lines. As the need for managed IT services among SMBs has grown stronger over the past few years, ATS identified an opportunity in the market to begin offering remote device monitoring solutions. 

“ATS Communications sees our relationship as a true partnership and recognizes that the Continuum platform delivers a cost-effective, competitive advantage for its clients, allowing in-house technicians to focus on higher value activity. That combination translates into increased profitability for both companies.” - Mark Connolly, VP of Sales, Continuum Managed IT Services 

Every member of ATS Communications’ technical team has completed the Continuum U Certification program, putting them in an elite group of technicians who demonstrate the extended knowledge and efficiency in the company’s technology platform.


Why Managed IT Services

As physical servers and hardware devices continue to move towards the cloud, small businesses are now relying on technology solution providers to help manage their devices, secure and backup their data (whether on-premise or off-premise) and help them leverage the most relevant technologies for their business. Hardware has become difficult to sell and generate margins, meaning technology solution providers need to move into device monitoring and management, rather than selling the physical devices. 

“Continuum is transforming the way IT is done. As a Continuum partner, we have access to a 500+ staffed NOC designed to address and solve our clients’ most demanding technical issues. We are delighted to be recognized as a rising star partner and look forward to continued business growth with Continuum.” – Sanford Gladding, VP of Sales & Marketing, ATS Communications 

We are excited about the incredible growth ATS Communications has shown in just a few months, and we look forward to a prosperous future together.

Congrats to ATS Communications on Continuum’s Rising Star Award!


About TAG

Technology Assurance Group (TAG) is an organization of leading unified communications companies in North America with members benefiting from a variety of programs including best business practices, advanced sales training, financial analysis and more. Continuum is helping TAG members to make the leap into the managed IT and cloud services business by providing resources for rapid entry and success. For more information about TAG, visit:https://www.tagnational.com/