I am proud to announce that Continuum Veterans Foundation - a non-profit dedicated to helping veterans find jobs – has donated $50,000 to Hire Heroes USA. This donation will help nearly 50 veterans find jobs and start new lives in the business economy.



While watching a news piece in March 2012 about hiring returning veterans it became clear to me that this was an important cause with a higher purpose that needed support. Helping those men and women who bravely served our country find the employment opportunities they deserve has become an important part of our mission here at Continuum.


Continuum Veterans Foundation was established in July 2012, and provides financial support to local and national charities that focus on helping our veterans find employment, especially in the information technology field. Here at Continuum, we are proud to embrace this cause as a company, and all of our community and philanthropic activities support this underlying mission.


Too many of our veterans return from bravely serving our nation, ready to rejoin the workforce, but are unable to find jobs, due in part to our economy. These remarkable men and women deserve the opportunity to fulfill their dreams in the civilian world. Every organization needs the skills these veterans have, from technical expertise to teamwork and leadership abilities.


Continuum provides preferential consideration in hiring veterans, and our company has benefitted greatly from it. Thanks to organizations like Hire Heroes USA and a growing number of programs designed to help veterans find jobs, more employers and non-profit organizations are stepping up to make a difference. We encourage you to do the same!


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