Continuum University has completed its sophomore year. At the two-year mark, we're proud to announce that Continuum University has developed an extensive library of more than 100 modules, totaling approximately eight hours of video courses. We couldn't have hit this exciting milestone without the valuable input from our partners, and we're ecstatic about how many of you have taken advantage of our Continuum U offering. Still, you may not be fully aware of all the features that our exclusive learning program has to offer...

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What is Continuum University?

Continuum University, like most universities, aims to educate. You and your technicians have access to a wide range of video courses designed to provide easy-to-use, self-paced training in our Continuum product offerings. The courses are broken up into four categories: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Backup Solutions, Cloud Services and Help Desk. You choose which courses you want to take as well as when you want to take them. It's as easy as that. Oh, and if you complete all of our courses, you get to boast the title of "Continuum Certified IT Expert."

The Value of Continuum University

We want all of our partners to be able to get the absolute most out of the Continuum products that they are taking advantage of. Not sure how to install and configure Continuum Vault appliances at your sites or need more information on the BDR Revive conversion process? There are special instructional modules! Likewise, learn how to set up your ITSupport portal and discover advanced features, like scripting, with Continuum U. You've already committed to the Continuum platform. We're already partners. Now, we want you to take advantage of everything that we have to offer. The best way to do that is to make sure that you understand how to use them and their capabilities inside-out. 

Continuum University offers that opportunity and, more importantly, offers the opportunity for growth. Because Continuum's relationship with its partners is a true partnership, we only grow as you grow. 

In preparation for its big day, our partner learning platform has had a little work done. Check out 3 new features Continuum University now offers!

The Future of Continuum University

Although two years of Continuum University is a noteworthy accomplishment, we aim to continue growing the number of modules that Continuum University offers and the number of enrollees, as well.

To this point, Continuum University has 4,746 active users. These users come from 2,000+ unique partners enrolled. These numbers alone show us that our partners are leveraging the Continuum University program. As we continue to improve and expand our product and service offerings, we also plan to improve and expand our Continuum University courses.

At our two-year mark, we want to extend a congratulations and a thank you to the many partners who have enrolled in Continuum University. We also feel it is important to offer a separate and special acknowledgement to our 800 Continuum Certified IT Experts. These 800 MSP owners and technicians can, with certainty, say that they fully understand what Continuum is offering.

So, once more, congratulations to Continuum University and all of its enrollees on its second birthday. Here's to many, many more. 

Are you a partner, but haven't yet explored your higher education destination? Check out Continuum U now!


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