Break out the fireworks - America’s most patriotic holiday is right around the corner! Fourth of July is a day where barbecue tongs circulate tabletops, and there’s never a shortage of hot dogs. It’s a day where people parade around in those American flag shorts they’ve had since college, and get zero judgment for it. This holiday may be a massive display of red, white, and blue, but our nation's birthday is mainly a day you spend surrounded by friends and family. Everybody enjoys good company, especially in the office. Having talented and valuable employees is what makes a company most successful. This brings us to our next July 4th-themed item on our MSP Summer BuckIT List: create “hire”works to ramp up your recruiting efforts!

Keep reading to learn how you can recruit and hire top talent for your business!

What are the keys to hiring top talent?

Every company strives to boast the best and brightest employees. However, finding and recruiting high quality workers is not always an easy task. Gone are the days when you could simply put a “Help Wanted” sign in your store window or on Craigslist. If you want to find great people, you have to ramp up your recruiting strategy! Here are some key ways to do so:

Make your office culture shine

First and foremost, you need an attractive office culture. Before taking on new hires, it is essential to understand your office environment in order to decide what type of candidate would be the best fit. A great office culture is one that promotes growth and ambition, and where employees feel like they are appreciated and contributing to the company. When there is a need or requirement for a new hire on a certain team, you need to understand that specific team’s work environment, priorities, and values so you can communicate this job criteria with potential candidates. If you have an office culture that shines, recruits will be more likely to work at your company.

Look beyond the resume

Yes I know what you're thinking, a person's resume is very important, but you can’t just have tunnel vision. Today, social media is used more than ever, and it has even influenced the job market. You should leverage these various online channels, and do as much research on a candidate as possible. Social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn can highlight experiences, skills, and interests that you wouldn’t normally find on their resume. Delving deeper into things like transferable skills, credentials, and career progression can help you separate the good from the great.

Show your colors

Finding the right hire is a two-way street. As an employer, you’re looking for the right match, but so are your employees. You want to present yourself well so that potential employees can see your company as a good fit for them. This goes beyond just an inviting office culture. You need to beef up your online presence, which includes assuring that your website is up to date and is presenting your company brand well. To attract top talent, go where the top talent is. Take advantage of online networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to post jobs and find qualified candidates.

Another way to show your company’s colors is to get your current employees to post positive testimonials on job review websites like Glassdoor. When you have favorable reviews, you're considered a more desirable company to work for. This is key when recruiting that sought-after IT, sales, accounting, etc. talent!

Respect the process

Candidates are always open to new opportunities, so give them a chance to talk to you! If you find a qualified candidate, call them up or invite them to come in for an interview. The job interview is one of the most important talent acquisition tools. As an employer, you may only get a limited amount of time with a potential employee, so it’s essential to use the time wisely and have an efficient interview. During this time, observe their answers, poise, and personality. Take the time to learn more about them, and develop questions that require detailed answers. Some examples of must-ask interview questions include:

  • What do you know about this company?
  • Can you walk-through your resume and explain your different positions?
  • What are you looking to accomplish in this position?
  • What motivated you to get into this field?
  • How would you handle [insert real world situation or problem]?

Obtain as much information as you can during the interview process in order to determine if an applicant is a good fit. What about those candidates that you don't accept? Don't just brush them off - give them feedback. They might not have the right skills for your current openings, but could either be eligible for future positions or refer you to another highly qualified candidate.

Is having a strong corporate culture one of your company's priorities? What else do you look for in your recruiting process? Leave a comment below, and have a Happy 4th!

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