A critical flaw in ESET antivirus products could allow hackers to fully compromise systems. Meanwhile, customers could be victims of a recent phishing scheme.  We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind!

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Healthcare scare:

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Irritating internet:

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Sneaky Samsung:

         Samsung Sneakily Disables Windows Update on Some PCs
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Hey there, another week another episode of IT Rewind! This week we’re looking at a serious vulnerability that was recently discovered in ESET antivirus products, as well as a phishing scam on that is putting travelers at risk. Hear about these stories and more right now on IT Rewind! 

A Google security engineer recently uncovered a critical flaw in several antivirus products from the security firm ESET. Although it has since been patched, the flaw is found to be easy to exploit and could lead to a full system compromise. The vulnerability was located in the products’ emulator, which is responsible for unpacking and executing malicious code in a safe environment. This flaw is especially dangerous because it could be exploited in various ways. Some examples of exploitation methods are simply loading a website in the browser, downloading an email message or plugging in a USB drive.

Have you recently booked a stay on If so, you may be the victim of a phishing scheme. Recently, the company admitted that an undisclosed number of users may have been tricked into disclosing their names, phone numbers, email addressing and travel bookings. Details regarding the scam are sparse, but it seems as though an individual was attempting to convince customers that they were with either or the hotel that they recently booked at via email and SMS messages. has said that no credit card data was compromised, but is encouraging users to contact their banks if they were tricked into giving away their payment information.

The recently released 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey in the UK showed some alarming results. One eye-popping statistic was that some sort of human error caused 50% of the worst beaches of the year in the UK. This just goes to show how important it is to keep your clients updated on proper security methods. If you don’t already, consider putting security awareness programs in place.

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