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With Labor Day recently passing, we’re sure some of you took some time off. However, how much time off were you really able to take? When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to think about phone calls, emails and text alerts. Yet, when you’re running an MSP business, any “vacation” you take often feels more like out-of-office-work-mode instead of a real vacation. However, a good check to do on your business is to ask yourself, “Can I actually take a vacation and leave ‘work’ at home?”

Checking to see if your business has a “vacation mode” is a good way to test how strong of a company you’ve built. Let’s explain.

What do you mean by “vacation mode?

Going into vacation mode is more than just putting your business on autopilot. It’s about being confident that your business will effectively function without you around. An MSP business with a reliable structure, trustworthy employees, and a well-communicated mission is one that allows for its leader to take a real vacation.

’s preventing you from entering vacation mode?

Before you can effectively enter vacation mode, you’ve got to identify what has been holding you back. Most likely, it’s the fact that you feel as though your business NEEDS you in order to effectively operate. If a few days away from the office will be devastating for your MSP business, you’ll never be able to fully enter the bliss of vacation that so many others are enjoying.

So, in order to diagnose yourself and your business, consider these questions…


-    Do I trust my employees to maintain my business while I am away?

-    Do I have the manpower to make a vacation possible?

-    Will my clients receive the attention they need while I’m gone?

-    Can my MSP business survive without me if I’m gone for a week or two?

If you answered “no” to even one of these questions, it means your business is not as secure and independent as it should be. There are options available to make your MSP business a well-oiled machine that can operate effectively while you’re gone. You should be able to walk out the door knowing that when you return, your MSP operation will be just the way you left it. If you can, it means you’ve set up a strong organization that’s operating efficiently and effectively.


Why do I need to take a vacation?

This seems like a question that shouldn’t have to be answered. However, MSP owners are known to be workaholics. There’s nothing wrong with loving your work, but your practice should be self-sufficient enough that you can step away from it at times. Taking a vacation allows you to recharge and clear your head. Oftentimes, you’ll find that you return from a short vacation more productive than you’ve been in months.

However, it goes deeper than that. Stepping away for some time tells your technicians that you trust them to keep your business running while you’re gone, which can be a huge confidence booster. Watching over your employees’ shoulders all the time and micromanaging can be detrimental to the production and morale of a team, and often contributes to employee churn, which can be a huge cost for MSPs.

Okay, okay, so how do I enter vacation mode?

There are plenty of things that you can do to achieve “vacation mode” capabilities. Most importantly you have to feel comfortable with the idea of taking a vacation. Even if your MSP business has the capability to operate without your constant supervision, until you, and the entire company for that matter, feels confident in that capability, no vacation will be fully enjoyable.

In order to reach this level of certainty with your business, make sure that there is a high level of independence. It can be difficult to reach that level without some assistance. Luckily, help is available.

Take advantage of resources

Taking advantage of smart-sourced resources allows you access to an increased level of efficiency at a manageable cost. When you leave, you’ll know that there are plenty of hands on deck to keep your clients happy. Your employees know that they’re not being abandoned and that resources are still available to them without you there.

Make your mission clear

You should have a clearly defined mission statement for your company. If your expectations are communicated and understood, your employees will know what is expected from them as an employee of your MSP business, not just while you’re looking over their shoulders. 

Getting your employees to buy into your business’s mission statement is a huge win. Not only will you see an increased level of efficiency and production from your employees, but you'll experience higher levels of employee satisfaction as well. It feels good to contribute to something that you believe in.

Build a level of trust

Building a trusting relationship between you and your employees means no more second-guessed decisions! Your team will feel more confident in its ability to keep your business functioning at the desired level while you are away from the office.

If you see that your team was able to handle things while you were away, you’ll be more likely to hand over important projects and responsibilities. This, in turn, will free up some time for you to focus on higher value initiatives like growing your business’s revenue stream.


A vacation can be so much more than just a trip to the beach. It can serve as a measuring point for your MSP business and its self-sufficiency. When you and your employees have reached a high level of trust and synergy, it is much easier to step away for a short period of time.

Don’t get us wrong, you’re critical to your business’s success. You provide the vision and direction as the leader. But being able to stay operational while you take some time off is an important milestone in demonstrating how stable your organization really is.

Work on getting your business to a level of independence that allows you to enter vacation mode. You’ll be surprised to find just how many benefits there truly are.

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