Do you remember that one teacher that went above and beyond to make sure you understood material? One semester in college, I didn't exactly ace my first Principles of Microeconomics exam, but my TA believed in my potential so much from the weekly discussion section of the course, that she reached out and volunteered to tutor me outside of class. After working with her, my exam grades improved dramatically, and I went on to major in economics a year later.

Expect this level of attention and dedication from your Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform provider. There are many ways that your vendor can show you the love, but when seeking out your RMM valentine, pick one that's invested in your success. Are you receiving assets designed to help you grow and scale your business? Is your vendor taking the time to educate you on their various products and services by offering a FREE online training and certification program? If not, it may be time to graduate on to the next big thing...

Can I Carry Your eBooks for You?

Ok, so you're not exactly going steady with your RMM provider, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't expect professional courtesies. You don't want a "you're on your own" business relationship the moment you sign the contract, right? There are plenty of vendors in the sea, but look for one that continually pumps out new, industry thought-leading content, written for you with your MSP business's pain points in mind.

Providing quality, proven technology is just half of the puzzle. A true business partner wants you to be as profitable as possible and regularly writes content, instructing you on how to run your business in a more scalable, revenue-driven way. 

EB-Dodging-Danger-3drender-4Think about those useful study guides that made your life so much easier in school. They were short, quick reads that saved you come exam time. Is your RMM provider sending you eBooks teaching you how to solve issues that face your MSP business daily?

Example eBook

Not sure what I mean by this? Check out this example of an eBook we created for MSPs, Dodging Danger: 5 Hidden MSP Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

How to dodge Pitfall #4, Choosing Self-interested Vendors: 

"Is your vendor forward-thinking? Remember the importance of not treating your clients like line items on a spreadsheet? The same goes for vendors – if you only hear from your vendor when it’s time to renew contracts, raise fees or purchase additional services, something isn’t right. And as a business owner, the last thing you want to do is eat into your margins or tell your clients you have to charge them more because your vendor is increasing their fees. Look for a provider who’s building everything into a value stack, and understands how the channel (and you as an MSP) are conducting business to best serve your clients."

Click here to download full eBook!


If your RMM provider isn't offering MSP business best practices content through eBooks, hopefully they're writing blog posts, scheduling webinars, hosting interviews with your peers, etc. to discuss relevant topics in managed IT services. You should have a whole library of carefully curated content, just a mouse click away!


Take Your High School Sweetheart Status to the Next Level with Higher Education!

You've hired technicians with all of the necessary certifications in order to deliver outstanding customer support. Well, their training isn't complete, and unless you want "RMM in a box" with vague instructions and little vendor support, it's time you send your techs back to school!

Not so fast, I'm not telling you to get rid of your staff or sentencing them to another four years of eating Hot Pockets in a dorm. 

I'm simply suggesting you partner with a provider that empowers and enables your techs to understand their managed IT services platform from all angles. 

Continuum U, Now Enrolling

Did you know that we offer partners certification in Continuum products and services? Continuum U gives users a comprehensive and digestible curriculum of over 100 modules and approximately 8 hours of video courses.

Continuum U offers easy-to-use, self-paced training with a manageable curriculum that allows MSP business owners to properly allocate their technicians' training time and check on progress. Each video is only 5-10 minutes long. Your techs could knock out a lesson or two in their morning bus or train ride into work! 

The best part about Continuum U is that it's totally FREE! We believe that our success is our partner's success. That's why we do everything to equip them with the training and educational essentials they need to grow your business!

Want to learn more about Continuum U? Check out this sample module and exam question!

We all make mistakes, but you don't have to make these ones...