Running a nonprofit is challenging for organizations with big budgets—and for those that are just getting started. That being said, one thing is certain for both: managing their mission, communications and fundraising must be easy and robust. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes need a clear CRM strategy and IT ecosystem designed to optimize their efforts and accomplish their objectives.

In Part 1 of this Dominating New Verticals in 2019 series, we offered tips on how to keep AEC clients cyber secure—and now we're focusing on another emerging vertical for MSPs to target this year: nonprofit organizations. Below are key recommendations on how to create an effective IT roadmap for your nonprofit clients.

At LA Creative, there is no better way for us to get to know a client’s operations and services, as well as build trust and open communication, than to offer a free IT assessment audit to all potential clients. There are no two companies alike—and even though many non profits share similar issues and obstacles, the “right” IT solution must be custom fit and designed. 

It's Never Too Late for an IT Assessment

Many organizations start down the road toward purchasing tech tools that are too expensive and not compatible with their business. They just don’t understand what is needed or even how to get started. That is why an MSP IT assessment audit is so imperative. MSPs are experts and understand how businesses must run and how replacing one system will impact the workflow of other systems. An MSP IT assessment guides nonprofits to develop an IT infrastructure vision, choose the right solutions, tools and systems, and build a detailed tech plan that serves them now and into the future.

There are a number of benefits associated with IT assessments. For one, running an audit will bring up some important questions for your nonprofit clients to consider. Here are six! 

6 Issues an IT Assessment Audit Addresses

  1. Do you have the right digital tools to help with fundraising?

  2. Is your inter-office communication consistent and dependable? Or the opposite, more like everyone in their own silo, disjointed and isolated?
  3. Are your tech tools saving you money?

  4. Is tech support readily available for your members?

  5. Do you have the manpower in place to assess, design and manage your IT?

  6. Do you have a tech roadmap and budget that can be used for requesting funding from donors?

How To Enable Nonprofit Clients

Forward-thinking IT providers empower nonprofits with the tools to articulate and prioritize their goals and requirements. Here’s what a nonprofit IT roadmap should include:

  • An IT infrastructure vision that truly prioritizes organizational goals.

  • An ecosystem and architecture outline that identifies and plans for the technology needed.

  • An operations assessment that makes certain organizational processes is efficient and flexible.

  • Recommendations for possible "process redesign" to leverage new technology and apply industry best practices.

  • A strategy for adoption and implementation, including strategy and organizational change management.

It is never too late to provide an IT assessment. Every nonprofit needs one—and as tech providers, who better to help than those who help others? I am proud of all of my nonprofit clients. They provide light for many in the dark.

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