At first glance, you might ask: "How can an MSP help music venues with their IT needs? What type of IT support does a music business require to keep it alive and vibrant into the night?" 

In this final post of our Dominating New Verticals in 2019 series, I'll discuss how at LA Creative, we have a variety of music/entertainment clients whom we service with IT monitoring and management, along with network and security strategies and implementation. These clients are very different in nature, but share one thing: their embodiment of all things music and the need to keep their organizations running smoothly 24/7.

My first love is music and DJ’ing, so I’m fully aware of the fast-paced nature of the music business and its need for a 24/7 support system. My ability to combine my love for music and my tech expertise helps me and my team manage and support our awesome clients in the music world.

From building an entire IT infrastructure to delivering support for specific tech projects, here are four examples of how you can support clients in the music business with MSP services.

Managed Services for a Concert Venue

For me, I’ve been attending and performing in concerts for more than a decade and understand the need for 24/7 tech support. I bring this unique perspective to our regular Technology Business Review sessions. 

We provide Remote Monitoring and Management of their workstations with Continuum Command, Network management via Auvik, SaaS backup for their Office 365 and Google tenants. We also provide Help Desk and Back-End NOC services provided in partnership with our team at Continuum.

In addition, we ensure that the backbone of their information systems runs smoothly—our concert promoters know their tech is being taken care of and their performances will never be betrayed by poor tech support.

Facility Buildout

Even though smaller venues might not have need for traditional MSP services, you can still provide fixed-fee projects for infrastructure build-out and monitor their networks and internet with Auvik to ensure connectivity and deliver great hospitality, design and music events.

An example is a wine bar/restaurant that is just opening and needs to focus on their bottom line—music, design and entertainment. You may find that they have needs such as project management of their IT—from audio visual to point of sale to low voltage wiring, along with turn-up of Internet and VOIP services.

Combining Nonprofit and Music

Running a Nonprofit is challenging for organizations with big budgets and those that are just getting started. That being said, one thing is certain for both—managing their mission, communications, and fundraising must be easy and robust. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes need a clear CRM strategy and IT ecosystem designed to optimize their efforts and accomplish their objectives.

I am a Board Member of a very proactive electronic music nonprofit, teaching DJ’ing to those incarcerated. I provide much needed tech support as well as IT strategies to support their digital presence and operational efficiency.

Leverage Your Skills Even While Playing

Just because most of our hobbies are not commercial endeavors does not mean organizations dedicated to those hobbies do not need tech support and advice when it comes to running their organizations.

Plus what a great pleasure it is  to provide tech support to organizations that are dedicated to your hobbies and creative ventures.

I play with a crew of musicians who experiment with futuristic dance parties and old-school tropical music.  They also feature a live flamenco band that performs traditional cante jondo and experiments with genre-bending fusions and collaborations. 

For me, my love of DJ’ing fits perfectly into their need for my tech know-how, combining both my love of electronic music and my expertise in all things digital. Please don't hesitate to comment or send me any questions if you're embarking on a new vertical to serve! 

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