Screen juggling—is it an art for IT professionals, or is it absurd?

Maybe multiple screens at a time is an interesting view, but if you give it a try you'll quickly find that it's extremely hard to manage, and not many are able to pull it off. 

In this new blog series, we'll cover the key components it takes for MSPs to establish a robust security business.

Growing a security business and staffing for success is challenging for MSPs. When it comes to delivering and supporting a security service for end clients, having a separate screen for each area of the client's coverage only makes this complex task harder. Having a screen for endpoint security, another screen for network coverage, another for security policies, and another for vulnerabilities just overcomplicates the MSP's job. 

So, what would life look like in a different view?

Working in a Single Pane of Glass

MSPs simply need to provide the security response their clients require, and screen juggling doesn't generate that result. A single pane of glass view will correlate all of the feeds from the tools in use, empowering the MSP will more richer insights, faster. 

With capabilities like centralized event processing across the entire environment of endpoints, networks and devices, the end client gets a complete picture of any suspicious or malicious activities. In turn, the MSP can resolve issues quickly by leveraging more sources, allowing for cross-correlation and faster identification of time. Enabling an optimized push and reporting view allows MSPs to consume events and alerts the way they prefer.


Benefits of a Unified Security Platform

With 300 cyber attacks on MSPs this year already, the need for better security is clear. In order to properly serve the SMBs that so desperately need enhanced cybersecurity, MSPs must figure out how to sustain a scalable security business. They need a new revenue stream that they can deliver with fewer and higher menu items.

What's the key piece of that? A unified platform. With a unified experience built on a highly extensible tech stack backed by a security operations center (SOC), MSPs will become more outcome-oriented. With 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and response capabilities, and SOC capabilities in one platform, the MSP has insight into all infrastructure components—providing clients a single source of truth and better protection.

Want to learn more about how MSPs can enhance their security offering? Watch our on-demand webinar, Over 300 and counting: MSPs need to secure their own house fast!